In Winter Springs, a man seriously injures a woman and sets fire to the apartment.

In Winter Springs, a man seriously injures a woman and sets fire to the apartment. 1


After a woman was seriously injured and her Winter Springs apartment was set on fire, a man was arrested early Thursday, just hours after being released from prison on hit-and-run and DUI charges.

According to Winter Springs police, Justin Lorrison was arrested in Oviedo in connection with the woman’s assault and the fire that killed a puppy.

Lorrison is in custody after his bail from previous charges was revoked by a judge on Thursday afternoon. According to police, he had just bonded out of prison on those charges about 10 p.m. Wednesday.

According to police, the woman called 911 at about 2:20 a.m., claiming she was bleeding profusely from the neck and that her Seville on the Green apartment was filled with smoke.

The woman said she was assaulted by a family member in a 911 call.

“He just took my van, and I’m bleeding profusely.” “Please assist me,” she said to the dispatchers. “I’m ablaze. I’m on fire. The victim said in the 911 call that there were flames everywhere and that her dog was still inside.

Due to the fire, officers evacuated 12 apartment units, displacing 15 people, and the woman was taken to a hospital in critical but stable condition, according to police.

Lorrison allegedly injured the woman with whom he has a domestic relationship and set fire to the apartments before fleeing in the woman’s van, according to authorities.

Seminole County Fire Department crews evacuated all apartments near the fire, according to the police report. The fire was so intense that it blocked a staircase, forcing several residents to leap from a balcony, where they were caught by firefighters below.

Lorrison was arrested by police and charged with attempted murder and arson. Oviedo police have also charged him with aggravated assault on a firefighter with a motor vehicle.


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Boy who lost his young sister to gun violence receives training with Miami-Dade Firefighters

receives training with Miami-Dade Firefighters

MIAMI-DADE, FLORIDA- A 13-year-old boy who lost his sister to gun violence had a special day suiting up with the Miami-Dade firefighters for training.

According to the news, ever since the incident, the boy wanted to be a firefighter and his dream was fulfilled on Tuesday.

The boy, Sherrod Scott said, “I like to help people because you have to put yourself in a position like, what if that was you?”

Miami Children’s initiative together with the Miami-Dade Fire rescue created the opportunity for Scott to gear up and train.

The Miami Children’s initiative organization said, “It is through moments like this that we are trying to make sure that they understand that their dreams are attainable. I am so happy to see the light in his eye even as he’s wearing his sister’s t-shirt.”

6 years old Chassidy Saunders lost her life two months ago due to gunfire during a children’s party in Miami.

As for Scott, with a smile, he said that he had fun training but the suit was heavy.

Traffic crash kills a woman and injures 5 firefighters in Daytona Beach

Traffic crash kills a woman and injures 5 firefighters

DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA- According to the reports, an Ormond Beach woman passes away while five of the City of Daytona Beach Firefighters get hurt during a traffic crash on Saturday. The location of the crash was reported to be near Halifax Health Medical center.

According to the Daytona Beach Police Department, the woman of 52 was the driver of the Silver Pontiac and was reported to have collided with the truck from behind and made the truck flip over. The time of the occurrence was reported just after 5 p.m.

The Pontiac was reported to be at a speed of 80 miles per hour in the SB lanes of Clyde Morris Boulevard. The truck was apparently hit from the tail just before the intersection making it flip over.

The traffic crash was reported when the truck had attempted to cross over to head towards north on Clyde Morris.

The driver of the Pontiac was immediately transferred to the Halifax Health Medical center by the Paramedics. Shortly upon arrival, the woman passed away from her injuries.

Along with her, five other firefighters were injured and are reported to be stable and recovering.

No charges were reported.


Central Florida firefighters head to Louisiana


Central Florida firefighters head to Louisiana.

Central Florida firefighters head to Louisiana

Groups from the nation over are en route to Texas and Louisiana, incorporating from here in Central Florida he firemen leaving from Central Florida are from Orlando and Clermont and Orange, Seminole, and Lake counties. They will be in Louisana for around two weeks.

Around 40 firemen will get together and heading to Louisiana to help with Hurricane Laura alleviation. The firemen are a piece of a team comprised of firemen, paramedics, structural engineers, doctors, and K-9’s. They will meet with the Louisiana State Fire Marshal to perceive how they can help during and after Hurricane Laura.

This is the most recent organization for Florida Task Force Four. The gathering has been sent a few times to assist during different tempests.

Truth be told, the team was sent to Houston in 2017 when Hurricane Harvey pummeled into the close by territory. At that point they needed to go to Central Florida to get ready for Irma which hit days after the fact.

“Task Force 4 specializes in structural collapse, swift water rescue, wide-area search and hazardous materials,” officials said.

“Some areas, when they wake up Thursday morning, they’re not going to believe what happened,” said Stacy Stewart, a senior hurricane specialist.


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