58, Tampa Attorney, disbarred for filming sex acts with jail inmate in Pinellas

58, Tampa Attorney, disbarred for filming sex acts with jail inmate in Pinellas 1

PINELLAS, FLORIDA- Andrew B. Sparks, 58, was accused of violating his attorney privileges to have sex with women in Pinellas and Hillsborough County jails. Upon pleading guilty to charges of bringing contraband to jail facilities, the accused Tampa lawyer is said to be on probation since Feb.8, 2019, and will remain so until Feb.7, 2024.

According to reports, what cost Spark his entire legal career was his desire to adult play behind bars and this time with a convicted child pornographer. Spark was caught with his zipper open, apparently ready for another round of oral sex with an inmate that he had previously filmed performing a sex act. These inexcusable actions of Sparkled to being disbarred and was put on a monthly report of lawyers disciplined by the State Supreme Court.

One report from the County Sheriff stated that Spark’s misuse of his privileges to take sexual advantage of women in Pinellas and Hillsborough County jails were revealed only when he tried to make the same arrangements with someone at a porn festival in Tampa.

The woman, Boselli, who Spark met at the porn festival was landed in jail for filming porn with a 7-year-old. Spark had approached Boselli for a sex-related filming act while at a prison visit but couldn’t agree on a price, said Gualtieri. Spark got to her by flashing his Florida bar identification and was allowed to meet Boselli as he acted as if he was her attorney.

According to Boselli, Spark would make a series of porn videos with female inmates giving him oral sex and in return, he’d credit their jail commissary account. He’d also bragged of a similar performance with an inmate named “Rose” who was arrest for drug charges.

On convincing Rose to be an undercover agent, Spark was caught on the act during his next visit to Rose. According to Referee’s report, Law Enforcement entered the room and arrested Spark who had his zipper down.

After Spark’s arrest, investigators found evidence pertaining to the case which included photos, phone records, and a recorded call.