Social unrest hindered the Road Rave Drive-in music Festival 2020

Road Rave Drive-in Music Festival
DJ Carnage Announces Orlando’s first-ever Drive-in Music festival. Road Rave Drive-in Music Festival.

Death of a 46 years old man, George Floyd in Police custody has caused massive social unrest. The act of racism and murder of a black man by a white police officer has enraged the masses and now they are on the roads protesting and demanding justice.,street%3B%20two%20other%20officers%20further. This social unrest has caused many events to get postponed and the Road Rave Drive-in music festival (first-ever drive-in music festival of Orlando) is no exception.


What to expect next?

DJ Carnage, who is the organizer and the performer of the Road Rave Drive-in music festival, has indicated about what to expect next regarding the post-ponded event. He has hinted to arrange the event on 20th June 2020. He has stated “As you know, our country is going through some very tough times right now, and out of respect for this powerful movement for equality, we are postponing the Road Rave in Orlando, FL, to June 20th. It would not be right to take attention away from this movement. We need to stand united against racism and police brutality in this country. We will unite again. Music heals and brings people together, and I look forward to doing exactly that with you on June 20th.”


More about Road Rave Drive-in Music Festival

Road Rave Drive-in music festival is Orlando’s first-ever drive-in music festival. As stated above, DJ Carnage is the organizer and the performer of this drive-in music festival. Moreover, along with the DJ Carnage, the sold-out festival was featuring Nitti Gritti, Blunts and blonds, Gravedgr, and Riot Ten. The event was so popular among the people that all the tickets and parking spaces were sold out within a day. Covid-19 precautions and social distancing was also to be maintained by the event organizers and the fans.


Road Rave Drive-in Music Festival.
Road Rave Drive-in Music Festival



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