Weather Authority alerts of a Dramatic temperature shift on Tuesday

alerts of a Dramatic temperature shift

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA- According to the Weather Authority, a mild weather shift is expected starting from Tuesday evening and expects to go on until early Wednesday. The residents are warned against disruptive rain, heavy shower, and inconvenient overall weather. The Authorities have also reported a significant drop in the temperature during this period.

Weather Authority Chief Meteorologist, John Gaughan said, “We are calling it a Weather Authority Alert Day Light as our weather shift is the big story. It is not about severe storms, it is about a 180-degree turn in our weather- from afternoon highs in the 80s to afternoon highs Tuesday in the 50s.”

Although severe weather isn’t expected, starting from Tuesday evening, the disruptive rains, the gutsy wind, and wet roads are sure to create unnecessary traffic across the city. South Georgia counties are expected to have the most amount of rain falls while counties in North Florida are expected to experience less rainfall.  Any Wednesday morning plans will have to be re-scheduled as thunderstorms are expected anytime on Wednesday.

According to the Authority, daytime temperatures are expected to drop in 20-25 degrees within the 24 hours of expected weather change.