Man wanted for the deadly shooting at Orange County shoots himself inside a store.


ORLANDO, Fla. – A man wanted in connection with a double shooting at an Orange County apartment complex on Sunday that killed a woman and left a toddler in critical condition shot himself inside a store on Monday night.

In a double shooting late Sunday at the Wellesley Apartments off Good Homes Road near Colonial Drive, Capucine Carson, 37, was slain and a 3-year-old girl was gravely injured.

According to the sheriff’s office, they were seeking a man who knew the victims and found him outside the Big Lots on Good Homes Road. According to authorities, he dashed into the store and shot himself. In critical condition, he was transported to the hospital.

Carson’s relationship with the child has remained a mystery.


Deadly shooting in South Florida shooting while leaving graduation party.

Deadly shooting in South Florida shooting while leaving graduation party. 1

KENDALL, Fla. – Police in Miami-Dade are investigating a mass shooting that occurred early Sunday morning in Kendall after a graduation party.

Three persons were killed in the incident: two men and a lady. Three males and three women were among the injured.

People were starting to leave the party, which was hosted at a hookah lounge/restaurant at Southwest 104th Street and 109th Court when the mass shooting occurred at 2 a.m.

The woman who died worked as a prison officer in Florida, but authorities have yet to confirm which jail she was assigned to. Two vehicles approached the strip mall, according to authorities, and someone inside began shooting.

A dark-colored Chevy Malibu and a white Toyota Camry were characterized as suspicious automobiles. The six surviving victims all drove themselves to a local hospital and are in good health.

One automobile fleeing the scene drove into a wall at Miami-Dade College’s Kendall campus, according to police. The car that collided into the college had two of the deceased victims in it. A firearm was discovered inside the vehicle, according to police.

The emergency room space at Jackson South Medical Center was enclosed by police tape as authorities conducted their investigation. Loved ones gathered outside the hospital, waiting for news.

Three people were killed and 21 others were injured in a shooting outside a banquet venue in northwest Miami-Dade exactly a week ago. Call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-8477 if you have any additional information.

At this moment, no arrests have been made in connection with either shooting.

Deadly shooting at Orange county apartment complex.

Deadly shooting at Orange county apartment complex. 2

ORLANDO, Fla. – In a shooting late Sunday at an Orange County apartment complex, a 37-year-old woman was killed and a child was badly injured.

At 11:38 p.m., a double shooting was reported at the Wellesley Apartments, which are located off Good Homes Road near Colonial Drive.

The victims were discovered by deputies, and the woman was pronounced dead at the scene.

The child’s age has not been revealed, but he or she was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

The suspected shooter is on the loose, and both victims know who he is.

There are no more details available at this time.



A couple helps a man shot by grandson in Miami Dade

A couple helps a man shot by grandson

SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLORIDA- According to news, a couple from Southwest Miami helps the man who had been shot by his own grandson.

The 19-year-old Ruben Warren William who was identified as the shooter had shot the victim in the back. According to the surveillance camera records, the victim was seen limping. According to records, the man had jumped off a two-story window to escape the scene upon being shot.

The victim managed to seek help by making it to Lisa Palaez’s house at around 11. P.m.

According to Palaez, they’ve heard a loud banging on their door, and upon inquiring the victim said, “I’ve been shot by my grandson. He’s shooting everybody.”

According to Police, shortly before the man showed up at Palaez’s, Williams had been shooting at his grandfather, his aunt, and his cousin.

The couple said that they first got the man to sit down as he said his leg was broken. Next, they had put a towel on his back which has apparently helped his bleeding.

According to the Police, Williams ends the rampage with his 27-year-old cousin shot dead. Further, Williams was reported to have pressed charges for shooting at a neighbor’s dog, carjacking a woman, stealing her ring and cellphone, and making her drive all the way around for several hours.

According to the Police, William was caught up on Saturday where he was arrested.

The rest of the victims who are in critical condition according to the report are being admitted to the Jackson Memorial’s Ryder Trauma center for treatments.

One person dead at a shooting in Tampa

One person dead at a shooting

TAMPA, FLORIDA- According to the Tampa Bay police, a man reported being dead followed by a shooting. Reportedly the shooting occurred in the 900 Block of S. 22 St. on Wednesday.

According to police, when they arrived the victim was lying dead from a gunshot wound.

Apparently, a second person had been rushed to a nearby hospital with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound, said the police.

Detectives are not yet sure about anything that had taken place and upon any discovery public will be made aware.

The Tampa police urge anyone with information pertaining to this case to contact the office at 813-231-6130.

3 Persons found Dead Inside Florida apartment

3 Persons found Dead Inside Florida apartment 3

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA- Sheriff’s officials found the dead bodies of two men and a woman in an apartment complex in Jacksonville. The victims succumbed to fatal shootings.

The sheriff’s officers were near the apartment, where the shooting happened. They heard the gunfire on Monday at about 10.p.m. the reason behind this fatal shooting is still unknown.

Sheriff’s authorities told that they saw a car that was going out of the Calloway Cave apartments when officers tried to stop the traffic, the car sped away. The car stopped after covering few miles when a car, coming from the opposite side, hit it.

Police arrested multiple people and also seized some guns inside the car.

After, the police found the apartment where the shooting happened and also found the dead bodies of victims.

The names of arrested people have not been announced yet.

The investigations are ongoing.

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3 people found dead in an apartment complex in Jacksonville

found dead in an apartment complex in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA: A shooting that happened in Jacksonville left three people dead. The report says the incident happened at a Northwest Jacksonville apartment complex on early Tuesday morning.

The shooting was reported at around 2:20 a.m. at Calloway Cove Apartments, off West Moncrief Road near Cleveland Road.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Sheriff’s Office, a pursuit was made of a stolen car. Many people were taken into custody.

After some preliminary investigation, it was found that a Gang Unit was working on an assignment near the Jacksonville apartment complex. Multiple gunshots sound was heard and officials responded to the scene.

A vehicle was fleeing the scene. The vehicle was stolen out of Clay County. Authorities have found guns from the vehicle.

During the investigation, the detectives were led back to Building E at the complex. Three dead bodies,  two men and a woman were found in the apartment.

The shooting is under investigation.


A 26-year-old man died after shooting in Jacksonville

A 26-year-old man died after shooting in Jacksonville 4

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA– Jacksonville sheriff’s office investigated a man who died on Monday after a shooting in the Sherwood Forest neighbourhood.

According to the Jacksonville sheriff’s office, at about 9:00 p.m. police received a call to Roanoke’s 5200 blocks, where a 26-year-old man was shot to death.

When police arrived at the scene, they found the man with multiple gunshots on his body. The police immediately took him to the nearby hospital where the man died, the sheriff’s office told.

During the investigation, police identified the man as a black male with a maroon-coloured sedan.

Sheriff’s officers are investigating and trying to find out all the possible details. Everyone involved in is police custody.

No further details announced yet!

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