The recent data shows COVID-19 spread across Florida schools

The coronavirus outbreak has made a great effect on the educational sector. The recent data shows the tracking of COVID-19 cases in schools across Florida.


“There’s more than one case in some of the schools and I think it will be interesting to look a little closer about why that is and what some of the trends may be,” said epidemiologist and University of Florida professor Cindy Prins.

“One thing that would be really nice to see is the size of each of these schools,” she said. “One other thing that would be interesting would be to know whether some of these schools that have more than one case, whether those cases are linked to each other.”

The health department released comprehensive data on cases reported across the state from elementary through college. Orange County is already reporting cases through online dashboards.

“We all should do our part to protect our kids, ourselves, our community,” said Dr. Candice W. Jones, a pediatrician. “Flu and COVID-19 have overlapping symptoms, fever, diarrhea, body aches, so it’s very hard to tell them apart,” Jones said. “Everyone from six months of age and up should be getting a flu shot, OK?”


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COVID-19 cases and death toll in Florida, update

The death toll in Florida from COVID-19 now stands at 11,651 and includes 150 non-residents who died in the state. Wednesday’s reported daily positivity rate came in at 5.63%a drop in the statistic as the five-month backlog of Quest results sent the number up almost a full point to 6.8% the day prior.

COVID-19 cases, death toll  in Florida

The state reported 299 new patients on Wednesday, bringing the number of people who stayed in hospitals due to the virus since March to 39,158. The Agency for Health Care Administration also tracks current hospitalizations within the state. As of Wednesday morning, there were 3,549 people receiving care primarily for coronavirus at hospitals across Florida.

The FDOH also reported 130 people had recently died as a result of complications from COVID-19.

The World Health Organization recommends that a region’s test positivity rate needs to be below 5% for at least 14 days to reduce some restrictions.

Central Florida schools have had to close due to confirmed coronavirus cases. Harmony Middle School in St. Cloud shut down last week. Golfview Elementary in Rockledge announced it will be closed late Tuesday evening. Use safety measures!

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Latest Update of Coronavirus for Orlando, Florida

Florida reported fewer than 5,000 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday with 2,673 new infections and 183 new deaths. Here is the latest update of Coronavirus for Orlando, Florida

Latest Update of Coronavirus for Orlando
                         Latest Update of Coronavirus for Orlando

As of Tuesday evening, there were 4,544 patients currently hospitalized with coronavirus in Florida. The Florida Department of Health reported 442 new hospitalizations, bringing the overall total to 37,038 since March. The state also reported 2,673 new infections and 183 new deaths on Tuesday.

SunRail and Lynx stay operational as laborers are completely cleaning trains and transports during the pandemic. Administration of the I-RIDE Trolley, which works in Orlando’s vacationer area, has been suspended inconclusively.

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ team on securely returning nursing homes and long term care offices on Tuesday concurred on everything aside from contacting: who can and can’t contact their friends and family inside offices.

Visitors visiting SeaWorld Orlando and its waterpark, Aquatica, presently have an extra day to appreciate the parks. The amusement park said its parks are currently open seven days per week.

A man needed regarding a social distancing encounter at a Daytona Beach Shores Publix that finished with an old casualty being punched has handed himself over however starting at now, he has not been charged.

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COVID-19 Latest Updates, 570,000 cases in Florida

Florida Health Ministry has tracked the latest details and updates of COVID-19.

570,000 cases are observed in Florida alone. Out of these corona patients, 9,350 fatalities occurred.

Florida Health Ministry has provided the facility to get tested for Corona for FREE. This testing starts at 8 a.m. and goes until 4 p.m. This free testing is available at the Volusia County Fairgrounds on Sunday. Medical specialists recommend the appointments but they are not necessarily required.

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UCF students are ready to return to campus in spite of hundreds of COVID-19 reported cases

Amanda Craig is a freshman at the University of Florida (UCF). The appetite for university life and scheduled class has compelled her to move into her new residence on Saturday in the Towers at Knight Plaza complex.

UCF students are ready to return to campus in spite of hundreds of COVID-19 reported cases

A coronavirus screening test is being held at the campus parking garage and is a mandatory requirement for all the students entering the campus. So, Craig will screen herself and enter UCF.

Craig said that no one can enter into the building until you get your COVID-19 test.

Craig is one of those almost 600 UCF students who will move into their dormitory on Saturday. This would be the first big wave of students entering the campus after the university was closed in mid-March due to pandemic. The first in-person fall class session is going to be conducted on 24 August.

College life can never be like before when students stepped into UCF. Dorm residents have to take appointments to move into their rooms and would be tested for coronavirus when they will arrive. The results of the tests will be released within 48 hours. During that time period, the students are expected to stay in their quarantine. Although UCF didn’t explain about it, yet Craig said that they mean that she won’t be allowed to hang out with her other three dorm mates during that period.

Two weeks ago, the Board of Trustees heard that UCF’s on-campus dorms are about 84% full. The administration has decided that the double-occupancy rooms will be converted to singles to allow appropriate social distancing to be practiced. Further, separate residential areas will be reserved for those students who would be needed to be quarantined if they tested positive.

There are several other measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 within the campus. These include wearing masks is mandatory within the premises of the campus. Also, about 70% of the classes in all courses will be conducted online.

The president of the Association of American Colleges and Universities, Lynn Pasquerella stated that the on-campus activities are going to be resumed this season, so it is the social responsibility of the students and the leaders in school to help control the spread of coronavirus in the surrounding communities, particularly in those areas which have been severely affected by COVID-19 as Florida.

Havard and Yale recently conducted research concluding that COVID-19 screening of students at the campus is recommended every two days. Pasquerella commented that such frequent testing cannot be afforded by many institutes.

UCF’s reopening was approved in June by the state government. This approval stated that the university is planning to test the students in the dorms, athletes, people in Greek houses, and those having symptoms. Still, testing all the persons arises challenges.

Although the UCF has planned to spend $4.6 million to limit the spread of coronavirus. The measures include frequent washing and cleanings, increased number of disposable face masks, and face shields. But practicing social distancing is the most difficult part. It would be difficult to control the behavior of all students residing on the campus.

Also, UCF does not have effective planning towards testing of athletics and students who do not live in its residence.

Pasquerella said that we cannot predict what will happen after reopening of the campus and what impact students will bring back to the community after going to university.

UCF is among the largest campuses in the country. It enrolled 70,000 students last year. UCF has already reported almost 451 cases of COVID-19. A recent report published by the New York Times states that the campus is leading by being at the second-highest number in terms of cases in the whole country. Although, there is no specific way of reporting cases and hundreds of schools and other institutes have did not opened about the situation of cases.

The risk of getting the disease and the new restrictions of dorm life including the social distancing and limited outside exposure has discouraged students’ fantasy of living in the dorms. Craig told us that she is from Vero Beach. Her several classmates had decided to complete their coursework from their homes or by living in off-campus apartments because they find the campus restrictions unmanageable.

Craig explained that all her classes except the consent band course will be conducted online and the typical college traditions are out of sight. Still, she is excited to shop for her new dorm room with her suitemate. She hopes that the basketball matches of colleges will be resumed one day. Craig would like to play the flute or piccolo if the Knights take the court.

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Craig didn’t hesitate even after learning the social distancing rules of the campus.

She said that she is surely moving to Orlando.