Suspicion looming in the disappearance of Drew Rigby a Bahamas Engineer

Suspicion looming in the disappearance of Drew Rigby a Bahamas Engineer 1

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Orlando, FL: It’s been 72 hours since the Tennessee Technological University alumni and Bahamas engineer missing after the collision in the ocean.

Drew’s family and friends are still hopeful he will be found alive without any issues. But suspicions are looming on the whole situation. Many questions are still not answered. If 8 people were present at the scene then why only Drew was missing. Why no other people noticed his absence. Why his co-passenger didn’t look for him right then and there. And why the police wasn’t contact right away, and there was only one report was submitted with law enforcement.

Drew Rigby is a fine young and educated man who graduated with an engineering degree. But even there he was in trouble. In 2018 he was arrested by the Cookeville Police department for faking a burglary with his compliance. He faked and shot his partner and reported to the police about a false break-in. His partner’s injury was non-life threatening. After an initial investigation, the police concluded, Drew organized the whole break-in to hide the missing marijuana shipment from his supplier.

Suspicion looming in the disappearance of Drew Rigby a Bahamas Engineer 2

Because of Drew’s choice of action, it’s a possibility that the accident that was reported wasn’t an accident at all. It’s likely to be a more heinous job. There was no official investigation being launched. And family and friends are mourning. Also, the Bahamas is one of the countries where illegal drugs are trafficked every day in the United States. It’s a possibility that, Drew mixed up in those and found himself in troubled situations.

At this point, only a fair and impartial investigation and testimony from the witness can bring light on this issue.

Tennessee Tech Alumni Drew Rigby has been missing after accident

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Cookeville, TN- “We are hopeful” Family is in tears after Tennessee Tech university alumni from the Bahamas gone missing after the jetski accident.

Police said, they received report that a 26 ft sea craft with 6 people onboard has collided with a jetski. The passenger of the jetski was “Drew Rigby”. Mr. Rigby suffered from an injury on both legs and was ejected into the water.

According to reports, the passenger on the Jet Ski, who has been identified as Rigby, was ejected into water and the driver sustained injuries to both of his legs.

Police said its Marine Department in conjunction with the Royal Bahamas Defence Force conducted a search of the area; however, Rigby was not found.

Family members restarted their search early Monday morning, making a public call for assistance.

Several volunteers, including friends and family members of Rigby, showed up to join the search and rescue efforts.

The search continued throughout the day but stopped shortly after 6pm, with no sight of the missing 28-year-old.

Rigby’s godbrother, Xavier Simms said: “We are still in a hopeful optimistic frame of mind. We are hoping for the best but we are also aware of what could possibly be the outcome.

“We are not stopping the search and rescue efforts at the moment. We are committed to finding Drew, by any means necessary”.

Simms, who said he and Rigby grew up together as close brothers, described the young engineer as a “very personable” and smart young man.

“He is a loving guy if you ever met him,” he said.

“People who come into contact with him know he just loves people and loves to talk. That is what he did well.”

Simms continued: “We are still very hopeful that a miracle will take place and we will be reunited with Drew.”

He said the family is doing their best given the situation.

“We are realistically optimistic,” he added. “We know what can happen but we are also hoping for the best.”

The Royal Bahamas Defense Force did not release any details on the matter up to press time.