“Woke corporate hypocrites” – Marco Rubio lashes out


On Thursday, Florida Senato Marco Rubio lashed out at Delta and Coca-Cola. In a Twitter video, he criticized the two high-profile Georgia companies for ties to China and tried to get a “woke corporate hypocrites” hashtag trending.

However, some citizens believe that he is trying to distract them. This may not actually be about the corporation but it is about a terrible law, a blatant attempt by the Republicans trying to control the voting process in Georgia. They stoop so low in the law that they even prohibit giving water to voters waiting in line.

Corporate America has begun openly opposing the entirety of that. Furthermore, it’s not simply Coke and Delta. Significant League Baseball reported Friday it will move the 2021 All-Star game out of Atlanta in light of the law. What’s more, on Friday, corporate chiefs from in excess of 170 organizations gave an assertion pushing to secure democratic access the nation over, taking note of: “There are many bills taking steps to make casting a ballot more troublesome in many states across the country.”

The law affirmed by the Georgia Legislature a week ago is a Republican force get in an express that cast a ballot blue in the official and Senate decisions, the principal such Democratic triumphs there in age. Rubio’s video is essential for a Republican endeavor to rebuff organizations that stand up, even behind schedule, illegal.

The law gives citizens less an ideal opportunity to demand truant voting forms, makes it illicit for decisions authorities to mail out non-attendant voting forms to each enlisted elector, as some did during the pandemic, and definitely eliminates the quantity of voting form drop encloses Atlanta’s center — with its convergence of Black electors — among the many, numerous arrangements in a 98-page bill. The bill depends on the bogus reason that Georgia’s political decision was polluted by extortion, something Delta CEO Ed Bastian wrote in a notice to his workers.

It can be said that Rubio, like Trump before him, is trying to stoke up anger against “wokeness” and corporations and China. He’s trying to play the culture-war card as a way to misdirect and deflect. Don’t let him succeed. Rubio — who is up for reelection next year — and his like-minded colleagues in Florida need to be told that voters will not be discouraged. We will remember this in November 2022.