A new virus has arrived “HantaVirus” A Man in China already died

A man in China died of a new virus called Hanta Virus, which has similar symptoms but more fatal rate than Corona Virus. The unidentified person died in Yunnnan province in China.

According to the state run media in China, he was tested positive for HantaVirus, also other 32 person were tested for the virus. But no more information are found.

However, experts have said that, this is not a new virus. Infact this virus has been around specially in rodents. It spreads through rats and mice, and human can be infected through their saliva, or other bodily fluids.


The symptoms are same as coronavirus except they are more fatal .

The symptoms in many ways mirror those reported from the novel coronavirus — with sufferers reporting fevers, headaches, coughing and shortness of breath.

One patient likened it to “a tight band around my chest and a pillow over my face,” the CDC said.

“In Chile and Argentina, rare cases of person-to-person transmission have occurred” in the case of one strand named Andes virus, the CDC says.

“There is no specific treatment, cure, or vaccine for hantavirus infection,” the CDC warned, saying patients often need intensive care to “help them through the period of severe respiratory distress.”

“Therefore, if you have been around rodents and have symptoms of fever, deep muscle aches, and severe shortness of breath, see your doctor immediately,” it warns.