A couple in Middleburg jailed for child sexual-abuse material in cellphones

A couple in Middleburg jailed for child sexual-abuse material in cellphones 1

MIDDLEBURG, FLORIDA- According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s office, a Middleburg couple is behind bars after investigations uncovered 5650 child pornography images in their cellphones. Each is set on $1.15 million bails.

The woman, Krystalyn Amanda, and the man, David Edward Koch, both 32 from Middleburg, were reported to have been arrested on Tuesday for the possession of photos of a child’s sexual performance.

According to their arrest warrant, a police officer revealed that they got an online tip about missing and exploited children and email addresses that have been used to upload 50 child pornography images from Jan. 10 to April 4 last year. The records show that the tracing led to Koch and Amanda.

The cellphones of the suspects were seized and sent out to Internet Crimes against Children for further examination. The warrant also included that in some of the clips, keck and Koch were seen as the audience while the others performed sexual acts for them. Further, conversations and discussions were tracked between them that related to their sexual encounters.

According to the warrant, “The chats generally progressed to the sharing of media files and in some cases led to the discussion of what types of sexual acts they felt would be appropriate to perform with an actual prepubescent child. One conversation was located where it appeared that the participants discussed a past sexual interaction with a child.”