Central Florida man caught in sweepstakes scam.


Central Florida man caught in sweepstakes scam. 1

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – A Volusia County man was caught in a scam who mistakenly believed he had won a multimillion-dollar Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes said he spent more than $250,000 attempting to collect the award.

PCH, or Publishers Clearing House, cautions consumers that scammers impersonate corporate officials and ask for money in exchange for rewards, something PCH says it never does.

The fraud victim talked with News 6 on the condition that he only be recognized by his middle name, George, and said he feels humiliated as a result of his deception.

The hapless victim George received a leaflet from Publishing Clearing House two years ago urging him to participate in a sweepstake. Although the flier was genuine, George got calls from people claiming to be PCH employees telling him he had won after submitting his information.

He was told he had won a $10 million check, $2.5 million in cash, a new Mercedes Benz, and a gold ring.

George was instructed to send money to an offshore account to cover the expense of stamps on legal documents by a so-called representative.

More calls came in asking for money to pay for taxes, storage fees, and other costs.

The caller emailed George a picture of a credential with an image of Danielle Lam, one of PCH’s official “prize patrol” spokespeople, and George asked for identification.

This was a forgery since plenty of photos of Lam could be acquired on the internet and used to make phony IDs.

PCH stated that winners will not be contacted by phone.



13-year-old missing girl rescued from a motel room by Florida Sheriff’s Deputy

13-year-old missing girl rescued from a motel room by Florida Sheriff’s Deputy 2

FLORIDA- According to the Florida Sheriff’s Deputy, a girl of 13 who went missing were found and rescued from a dark motel room. Officials say that the girl had gone to the motel with a stranger she had met online.

The missing girl report received on Thursday around 6 p.m. by her grandmother, who said the girl never returned from school, hadn’t also been at a basketball game after school.

Deputy Royce James’s body camera that’s attached shows the efforts involved in tracking her down.

According to the teen’s friend, the victim (a 13-year-old girl) planned to go to a motel room with a stranger she’d met online. She also added that his name could have been Tyler or some name that started with a ‘T’ and that she believed he was from Orlando. She also mentioned the victim being picked up from an Oak Hill dollar store.

The police then went to the store and got hold of the surveillance, where he spotted her waiting for someone to pick her up.

The officer then went from one motel to another, asking from the inquiry desk if they’ve seen the girl by showing her photo. At the third motel he checked, Deputy Saw, an entry in the guest book, revealed the name ‘Tyler Thompson’ registered under an Orlando address.

According to the report, “Deputies went to his room and knocked on the door several times before he finally answered, and the victim came running.”

James then asked Thompson where the girl was, to which he responded, saying, “She’s inside.” The next minute girl was reported to be beside the Deputy.

The girl had asked Deputy James to stay with her when she was told that she would be taken to clear medically and be interviewed. Upon evaluation, she had been brought home.

Thompson, who was pressed with charges for luring a child and the police, said he could face extra charges.


A Motorcyclist died in a crash in Diana Beach

A Motorcyclist died in a crash in Diana Beach 3


DIANA BEACH, FLORIDA-Police have identified the motorcyclist who died on Thursday in the two-vehicle crash. He was 41 years old Dante Brovillette, a resident of Pompano Beach.

The victim was killed at about 1:00 p.m. while driving a 2013 Harley Davidson westbound along Griffin road, Broward Sheriff informed.

According to the police report, a 38-year-old Jonathan Ross Lubert was driving his Kia Sorento towards the east on Griffin road and entered the left turn lane at Southwest 33rd Avenue.

According to BSO, Lubert entered the path of a motorcyclist towards southwest 33rd Avenue, the Brovillette struck his bike to the vehicle badly.

As the motorcyclist was not wearing the safety helmet, got life-threatening injuries and was immediately taken to Memorial Regional Hospital, where he died after few hours.

The investigations of the accident are under processing.


One-year-old Poodle alert the family of a house fire in Florida.

One-year-old Poodle alert the family of a house fire in Florida. 4

ORANGE COUNTY, FLORIDA- On Thursday near Lake Nona, the home was completely destroyed after the fire broke out in the kitchen.

The result of fire could be more dangerous if their one-year-old pet did not alert them, According to Orange County’s Fire Rescue, the only one-year-old Poodle called her parents while they were at work and alert them when he saw them from the security camera.

Gonzalez was informed to have rechecked the footage when the motion detector went off again 30 minutes later.

Americo Ledezma stated, ‘’the footage was totally unclear as there was all smoke inside due to fire, and they could not see anything.’’ 

After watching the footage, Gonzalez and Ledezma quickly moved towards the house.

‘’All we were worried about was Prada’s life, material things could always be replaced, but someone’s life couldn’t,’’ they said during the statement.

‘’She was white and hairy and was covered with fire dust when she was taken out of a burning building’’, according to the fire-fighters statement.

No casualties were reported, but the house was completely destroyed by fire. Repairing the home to its original state may take a while.

The family is living with their neighbours.

The couple stated that “it’s so frustrating to see everything destroyed, we have to start all over again. But the good thing is that all it was just a material that could be replaced, we are happy for Prada that she is fine.’’

The reason behind the fire is still under investigation, but investigators believed that the fire might have started from the kitchen.

Boil Water Notification placed for Different part of Broward County.

Boil Water Notification placed for Different part of Broward County. 5

BROWARD COUNTY, FLORIDA- A boil water notification was placed for different parts of Broward County, officials said. It was placed after low water pressure.

Water administration restored thousands of affected homes because of lightning strike at Broward’s water treatment plant.

County’s residents mentioned that lighting strike has affected the potential of pumping stations, which resulted into low water pressure in all of the lighthouse points.

According to officials, the bacteriological survey indicates that the water is safe to drink.

If water pressure remains low it may also affect the residents of Coconut Creek, according to officials.

Boil water investigation will remain under investigation until the water pressure is re-established in the entire system.

A Trump Supporter was arrested in a Capitol uproar.

A Trump Supporter was arrested in a Capitol uproar. 6


FLORIDA-A Florida resident requested to be free, who was arrested in January during Capitol uproar earlier this year. He claimed that he was not involved in any violence as he was just following the orders of Donald Trump.

According to newly field report, Michael Curzio’s lawyers explained that the capitol was crowded with hundreds of people. Capital doors were open and commanders were allowing everyone to pass in and that was the time when Curzio entered.

His lawyers also claimed that Curzio is not accused of any violent act, the one and only mistake made by him was he ‘’milled about’’.

He is facing charges of unlawful entry, engaging in the violent entry, disorderly conduct on capitol grounds, entering and remaining in the restricted building, demonstrating in a capitol building.

He was arrested by the police on 6 January and then taken back into custody on 14 January.

United States Capitol Police stated that Curzio was entered the upper level of the United States Capitol.

Curzio’s lawyers state that he should be released as he was not involved in any of the violent acts.

Mr. Curzio state that he was on Capitol grounds where he was protesting along hundreds of people and he was just following the orders of President Trump, who billed himself as the country’s Chief Law Enforcement Officer. Other members, along with him was protesting, might be involved in any violent attack towards the police officers, but there is no claim that he personally did something, according to the statement. He also told that when he tried to go out, other uproarers were blocking his way out.

On 6 January, Mr Curzio went out to join the protest. But then, unfortunately, he listened to Donald Trump’s declaration, his intentions were changed and he decided to March to the capital Grounds. There is not any clear allegation and prof regarding the violent attack that could show his dangerous intentions.

In records, Police found that Curzio has lived for eight years in prison on a charge of homicide murder and was relieved in February 2019.

Curzio agreed to give his passport and guns into custody but he must be placed under general supervision and report weekly on the phone if the bond is granted.

Five people were reported to be killed during the “Trump supporters attack.”


Woman died in 3-vehicle crash in Daytona Beach

Woman died in 3-vehicle crash in Daytona Beach 7

DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA- One woman died as a result of the 3-vehicle crash in Daytona.

On Thursday afternoon Daytona Police Department reported a 57-year-old woman who died with her bruises who was engaged in a three-vehicle crash on international speedway Boulevard.

According to Daytona Police Department, at about 11:30 p.m. victim was driving her white-colored 1996 Chevrolet S-10.

Near South Clyde Morris Boulevard there was stopped traffic and the woman failed to stop her truck and hit at the back of a 2003 Chevrolet Avalanche. Then S-10 strike a ford five hundred on its back and the pickup came to rest with the victim trapped inside, police informed.

No injuries were reported by drivers of Ford and Avalanche. S-10 ford was driven by 21-year-old woman and Avalanche was driven by 29-year-old Daytona Beach man, according to Police

A woman was taken out of her S-10 by police and taken to hospital, where she died after few hours.

No other vehicle and person was involved in this accident.


3 Persons found Dead Inside Florida apartment

3 Persons found Dead Inside Florida apartment 8

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA- Sheriff’s officials found the dead bodies of two men and a woman in an apartment complex in Jacksonville. The victims succumbed to fatal shootings.

The sheriff’s officers were near the apartment, where the shooting happened. They heard the gunfire on Monday at about 10.p.m. the reason behind this fatal shooting is still unknown.

Sheriff’s authorities told that they saw a car that was going out of the Calloway Cave apartments when officers tried to stop the traffic, the car sped away. The car stopped after covering few miles when a car, coming from the opposite side, hit it.

Police arrested multiple people and also seized some guns inside the car.

After, the police found the apartment where the shooting happened and also found the dead bodies of victims.

The names of arrested people have not been announced yet.

The investigations are ongoing.

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