Teen killed and BMW splits into two pieces in a deadly road crash, 2 injured

A young guy died and BMW splits into two pieces.Teen killed and BMW splits into two pieces in a deadly road crash, 2 injured 1

 SEMINOLE COUNTRY, Fla.- A deadly accident took place taking the life of as young as 19-year-old man, leaving a 21-year old who was driving critically injured and a 16-year old girl who suffered minor injuries in Seminole County according to the Florida Highway Patrol(FHP).

The crash happened around 10:30 p.m. on Country Club Road at Continental Boulevard near Lake Mary.

According to Kim, a spokeswoman of FHP, the 21-year- old driver was traveling Northbound on Country Club Road when he failed to control his high-speed car and collided with a tree splitting a 2018 BMW car into two pieces.

Troopers said that they have found the 19-year-old dead on the spot while the driver who suffered critical injuries was taken to Central Florida Regional Hospital. The other co-passenger, a Deltona girl was also taken to hospital after having minor injuries.

A resident,Vinci Catallotzi said that he heard a big explosion and came running out when the accident occurred. He tried his best and called for emergency help at 911.

According to FHP report all three were wearing seat belts but it’s not confirmed where they were travelling to or from.

“Just a reminder for drivers, it gets real easy for drivers to be going faster than you need to be going when it’s not a lot of drivers out,” Montes said.She also added that the charges are pending against the driver and they have to recreate the scene to see what his(driver) actions are and also  talk to the survivor, a 16-year-old girl who is very traumatized after the accident.

An investigation is going on.

Florida sets a new COVID-19 record. Registers 11,000 plus positive cases

Florida sets new Covid-19 record


Florida has hit a new high, with registering new 11,000 plus COVID-19 cases. The state has registered 11,458 new positive cases and because of that, the overall total has reached skyrocketing 190,052. Saturday was the day with the highest cases being registered.

Experts have indicated that due to less testing and other reasons, the cases of Covid-19 in Florida are ballooning rapidly and are sure that there are even more cases and the real number is even higher. In addition to this, the experts believe that many people do get infected by the virus, but do not show the symptoms and feel sick.

According to the Florida Department of Health data, 244 new cases of people are hospitalized with having critical conditions. Around 15,735 people have received the hospitalization due to COVID-19 since March. In addition to this, Florida reported 3,702 fatalities because of COVID-19 to date.

The alarming thing to watch out for is the daily cases of COVID-19 in Florida in comparison with the amount of testing. On Saturday, Florida reported 14.10 percent of the daily positive cases rate.


Following is the list of Counties in Central Florida and their total COVID-19 cases to date:

  • Brevard- 2,436
  • Flagler-360
  • Lake-1,675
  • Marion-863
  • Orange-13,021
  • Osceola-2,713
  • Polk-4,886
  • Seminole-3,192
  • Sumter-405
  • Volusia-2,587

The cases in Florida are on the rise and the hospitals are left with few intensive care beds. Amid such a critical situation, the most populous County of the State is getting closed once again. Beaches would get closed and the curfew would be implemented to curb the spread of the virus. Some of the counties have already implemented curfews.

The Miami Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez has implemented a curfew from 10 p.m till 6 a.m from Friday night for an indefinite period. He stated:

“This curfew is meant to stop people from venturing out and hanging out with friends in groups, which has shown to be spreading the virus rapidly.”

The mayor’s order has made it strict to wear masks at the restaurants. Before it was allowed to remove the masks after the people sat down, however, this is not the case now and they have to wear it all the time.

Downtown Orlando, which is a place full of activity and people but after the bars have closed down, it has become quite.


The bars were recently stopped from serving the alcohols for on-site consumption in an act to curb the spread of the virus.

The order was issued by Gov. Ron DeSantis, and it included bars, pubs, and movie theatres.


New Florida rule let people stay at home without paying rent

According to the new Florida Rule, people will stay at home without paying rent


The temporary ban on evictions and foreclosures put by the Gov. DeSantis to aid people in the time of prevalent COVID-19 and economic strains has been extended till August 1 and can be extended further as well.

The hold on evictions which was put by the Governer in April has now been extended twice. But the renters and the house owners may resist it if it happens for the third time.

More than 170,000 people in Florida are waiting for their unemployment claims to get verified, according to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. In Florida since March, 2.5 million claims have been processed for unemployment benefits.

Even though the law enforcement would not enforce the evictions and the court hearing would not happen, the landlords can still send out the eviction notes.


It was expected that if Gov. DeSantis would not have extended the order, many people in Florida might have faced evictions.

In addition to this, last weel DeSantis announced $250 Million in funding for rental assistance along with mortgage assistance.

Half of the funds are expected to be spent helping tenants who are facing difficulties paying the rents and half would go to local housing offices.

Not just that but several Central Florida Counties are providing aid and assistance to the people through federal CARES Act grants and pandemic assistance. If you need assistance, you can see your County’s Official website.

There are also Federal resources available for the renters and homeowners who are suffering due to the COVID-19 hardships.

For renters and homeowners assistance, this website is helpful: https://www.hud.gov/states

Disney wins lawsuit against a mother

Disney has won a lawsuit against a mother


The federal judge has given a decision regarding the issue of getting immediate access to the FastPass lines at the theme park. The decision has been given in the favour of Disney World. The case started when an Orlando disability advocate sued the Disney Company on behalf of the Woman’s son to get him the immediate access from the waiting line at the theme park.

Disney has achieved its first legal victory since the issue began. According to the Tampa Attorney Andy Dogali, 60 other similar cases have been filed by him in California and Florida that are awaiting trial.

Disney’s spokeswoman Andrea Finger has said in a statement:

“Disney Parks have an unwavering commitment to providing an inclusive and accessible environment for all our guests. We are pleased with the court’s decison.” 

The lawsuit has come after the policy changes by Disney in the year 2013. It was in response to the reports and complaints that multiple tourists are illegally hiring disable children and people in order to get a position at front lines and not just that but to ride multiple times as well.


In response to such issues, Disney created a new system which is called the Disability Access Service Card (DAS). This system would ensure that the deserving disabled people get return times for rides and they won’t have to stay in lines for a long as well.

In 2014, Donna Lorman, who is the president of the Autism Society of Greater Orlando, sued Disney World. She wanted passes for her son who could ride the attractions via FastPass lines

According to her, it was difficult for her son to wait for a long period of time and she also accused the Disney theme park of not accommodation and considering her son’s disability.

Disney in response said that they could not provide unlimited front-of-line passes for each and every ride under the American with Disabilities Act. This may result in the general public to wait for even more longer.

Disney argued in the court documents that, if the guest with disabilities received two more re-admission, the standby line at Magic Kingdom’s Seven Mine Train Coster would increase from 69 to 108 minutes.


U.S District Judge, Anne Conway has written:

“Requiring the modification, based on the history of the former system, would lead to fraud and overuse, lengthen the wait times significantly for non-disabled guests, and fundamentally ulter Disney’s business model.” 

In addition to this, Conway has said that Disney could “recover its cost of actions”.

In response to this, Lorman has written:

“To say that I am disappointed would be an understatement. I really truly believe in what I was fighting for.”

Before the trial, it usually happened that the Guest Assistance card allowed the guests with disabilities, and their family and known ones could enter the FastPass lines without any limit.

Moreover, it was also witnessed that the people with the GAC misused their opportunity and rode the attractions multiple times. It was also found that GAC holders rode Toy Story Mania and  Arcade-style games at Holywood studios, more than those guests and visitors who did not have any hold of Disability Acess System.

During the trial, Lorman told that her son who was around 22 years old when she filed the lawsuit, has moderate to severe Autism and confronted communication issues. She also said that her son needed to visit and ride the attractions in a particular order. Moreover, she also said, that her son who is more than 6 feet tall and weighs around 300 pounds, can meltdown

Lorman said:

“We understand our chances wouldn’t be very good because we don’t have the funds. But it was the right thing to do for our kids.” .