Top 10 Beginner Tips And Tricks for Windows 10

Top 10 Beginner Tips And Tricks for Windows 10 1


Windows 10 is the most powerful operating system Microsoft has ever produced, but it is more complex. Although the user interface is extremely intelligent, you have to customize your experience, get the maximum performance, and dig deeper into features like Cortana voice assistant, Edge browser, and multiple desktops.

Windows 10 has been around for a while now, but if you’ve updated to Windows 8, 7, or XP, or switched from Mac or Linux, these startup tips for Windows 10 are pretty easy for you. In fact, Windows 10 has the potential to win over even the most dedicated fans of older releases of Windows and other operating systems like macOS and Linux. Windows 10 has an improved Metro UI that brings back the missed Start menu to everyone in Windows 8. It provides digital support, virtual desktop, notification center, Windows Hello – support for biometric authentication, and many more features. It mixes the best of Windows 7 and 8 in a new way and enhances user productivity.

How to sign in to Windows 10.

Top 10 Beginner Tips And Tricks for Windows 10 2
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When you start your Windows 10 computer by pressing the power button, you will see a login screen; The computer prompts you to unlock the screen and then sign in. Click your name to enter and type in the password (if you set it). If the computer is used by different users, check below. In the left corner of the screen, you will get the list of computer users. On the right side, you will see a few icons, hover over them with your mouse cursor and you will get an idea of ​​what they are for.


Privacy Settings.

Top 10 Beginner Tips And Tricks for Windows 10 3
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If you care about your privacy and do not want your (location data, your features, and more) to receive any kind of information from Microsoft, it is a good idea to spend some time in privacy with what you want and what you do not want to share with the company. Settings to find. First, go to Settings -> Privacy -> General and disable all toggles if you do not want to monitor the behavior of Windows users and show suggestions based on your behavior.

Enable Dark Mode.

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Windows 10 has introduced one of the most requested features by Windows users. Users can now go to the Settings app and easily enable Dark Mode. To enable Dark Mode, go to Settings -> Personalization -> Colors and scroll down to enable Dark Mode. What I like about the dark mode here is that it is really dark, so you don’t get the dark gray you normally see on other operating systems. Also, since this is a system-enabled dark mode, all your navigation panels in Settings, File Explorer and many more applications will be turned into dark mode. This means that since the feature still requires refinement in the file browser, it’s a little harder to find what you are looking for.


Windows File Explorer.

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This is the file manager on your computer that lets you access all your files, data, pictures, and folders. To open your files and folders on your computer, you need to go through the file browser. You can open the file browser using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + E, or click the icon on your taskbar. Once the file browser opens, you can double-click it to open any folder.

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Larger icons in file explorer.

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You can view folder icons in a list format or in grid mode. Also, the icons in the grid format are smaller by default. However, you can easily see them as center icons, large icons, or extra-large icons. Click the Display tab on the menu ribbon above and select the size you want.


Learn new Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts.

Top 10 Beginner Tips And Tricks for Windows 10 7
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The fastest way to become more productive to use Windows 10 is by learning keyboard shortcuts. It will make you faster and happier too. By learning keyboard shortcuts you can perform various tasks such as open task views, Close virtual windows, etc. I have listed some keyboard shortcuts that will help you.

  • Win + Tab (open Tasks View)
  • Win + Left + Up (move app to top-left quadrant)
  • Win + Left + Down (move app to bottom-left quadrant)
  • Win + Right + Up (move app to top-right quadrant)
  • Win + Right + Down (move app to bottom-right quadrant)
  • Win + Ctrl + Left or Right (change virtual desktops)
  • Win + Ctrl + D (new virtual desktop)
  • Win + Ctrl + C (speak to Cortana)
  • Win + S (view weather, news, sports, help, etc.)
  • Win + Ctrl + F4 (close virtual desktop)
  • Win + Up and Down (snap apps to top or bottom of the screen or maximize them)
  • Ctrl + C (Copy)
  • Ctrl + X (Cut)
  • Ctrl + V (Paste)


Learning the Command Prompt.

Top 10 Beginner Tips And Tricks for Windows 10 8
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The new Windows 10 command prompt has a constantly requested feature. It’s more accessible than ever, with support for standard copy and paste options. From here, you can easily copy and paste the text of the command prompt (cmd.exe) using the Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V key combinations, respectively. Moreover, it packs a lot of customizations under the properties option.

Extend the Battery life in windows 10.

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The battery saver feature in Windows 10 can help you if your laptop battery is low. It is wise to limit the power consumption and push the background processes and threads to save power to allow your machine to last longer. It’s better than previous Windows versions and can be activated using this procedure: Click Start Menu> Settings> System> Battery Save.


Use Windows 10 Hello.

Top 10 Beginner Tips And Tricks for Windows 10 10
BY = Computer World

Windows Hello is a system-level biometric authentication system. It is said to be a more secure technology than traditional passwords and gives instant access to your Windows devices. However, your device must have fingerprint or camera support for this feature. You can go to Start Menu> Settings> Accounts> Sign In Options, find access to Windows Hello and set face or fingerprint settings, and after setting up, you can use your own to access Windows 10. This Windows 10 tip not only secures your account but also makes it easier to access.


Open Windows Clipboard.

Top 10 Beginner Tips And Tricks for Windows 10 11
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As a beginner, you should know that Windows 10 has a new Clipboard History feature. It allows you to view all your copied items in one place. You can paste a few more items from your clipboard history wherever you want. This will be very helpful for users who use copy-paste functionality regularly. Press the Windows key + V, then you will get the Clipboard History window. From there, navigate through all the items you have copied and press Enter to paste a text or image.

6 Best video editing software for beginners.

6 Best video editing software for beginners. 12

A Video always changes our communication and expressions. videos are always used to record vlogs, share with our families, and to make money by various methods like youtube and also to improve our businesses we can use videos. There are many high-quality video editing software programs in this improving world, If you are a beginner in the video editing world just read this article and try video editing software.

Good video editing software can help you to showcase your products by producing professional promotions for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or any other angle where you share branded videos. There are a number of free video editing programs that you can use to help you stand out from the competition.

Without further conversations, Let’s move to our list of Top 5 video editing software programs for beginners.


Apple iMovie.

6 Best video editing software for beginners. 13

iMovie is a free entry-level app. You can use this on any apple device without any issue.iMovie makes your homemade video into a movie with its editing quality. It will not have the best quality like high quality paid advanced video editing apps but iMovie mac is a great video editing software program for beginners and would be home movie directors.

Features= Seamless Apple product integration; green-screen; audio and social platform integration.



6 Best video editing software for beginners. 14

Lumen 5 is marketed as a tool to turn blog posts into social promotions. The process is not perfect and you will have to put in some effort to make your blog content look the way you want it, the rest of the video creation process is synchronized. Just edit some copy that makes fun of your blog post; Drag some gifs, screenshots, or videos; Add a little music; Your fascinating social video will ripen for Facebook and Twitter.

Features= Can transform blogs and articles easily into videos.


Nero Video.

6 Best video editing software for beginners. 15

Nero Video is a low-cost PC-only video editing app. Its purpose is clearly to make the whole process as easy and effortless as possible for the novice editor, so let’s see what it has to offer and if it will achieve that goal.

Features= Low cost.

Corel VideoStudio.

6 Best video editing software for beginners. 16

Coral’s Windows-only video studio video editing software comes in two versions, Ultimate and Pro. The features are pretty much the same, the Ultimate version offers more impact, filters and transitions. It also has some features that some editors might like, such as creating video masks, screen templates, 3D caption editing, multi-camera editing with 6 instead of 4 cameras, and a video stabilization tool.

Features= Motion tracking.

Wondershare Filmora.

6 Best video editing software for beginners. 17

Wondershare Filmora is a great video editing software that balances powerful features with an affordable intelligent interface. It supports all modern video formats as well as HD and 4K video editing and output. Despite some issues with its social media integration options, it is still a great editor that is perfect for creating high-quality online videos. It’s not a professional video editing kit, but many beginners and intermediate videographers who want to create shared videos quickly and easily will be happy with the results.

Features= 4K video support, Built-in screen recording.


CyberLink PowerDirector.

6 Best video editing software for beginners. 18

Power Director 18 is the latest in a series of video editors from the Taiwanese company CyberLink’s long-term editor. To get started it is very usable with many features and a good price. For everyday video editing and content creation, you can’t go wrong with that.

If saving time is your priority when creating your next home movie project, then you are exactly the person who created PowerDirector. Perfect for editing portable videos (such as high school graduation and birthday parties) or creating slides for family shows, Power Director does a great job of making the video editing process as painless as possible for users of all levels.

Features= Motion tracker, Color match.