Stolen ballots found by farm worker; Glendale Police says

The Glendale Police Department said on their Facebook page on Nov. 3 that 18 early election ballots were found underneath some concrete and rocks at a farm near 99th Avenue and Glendale by a man named Brayan Ruiz.

Stolen ballots found by farm worke

“He did the right thing by returning the ballots trying to ensure everyone who wanted to vote early still could vote,” via the post. “Each resident said they were aware their early election ballots had not arrived. Some went in person to vote early, and others had not voted yet. We were able to distribute them in time, to provide voters the opportunity to at least fill them out at home and then drop them off to a polling location”

“According to investigators, the ballots were stolen from individual mailboxes in a neighborhood just south of 107th and Northern avenues (in between Vista Avenue and Kaler Drive). The envelopes were still sealed”.

Anyone with information should report them to the Attorney General’s Office’s Election Integrity Unit.