Top 5 Apple Watch Tips and Tricks.


Top 5 Apple Watch Tips and Tricks. 1
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You can have many advantages with your Apple watch than a normal watch, Not only watching time but also you can have many helps from this iwatch which i am going to talk about.It can help you find your mac, Iphone and it can alert you when you are in a danger. Many of these feature are new in iwatchOS 6, which was released with iOS13 and macOS catalina.The Apple Watch getting more powerful day by day.

So here I have gathered Top 5 Apple Watch Tips and Tricks.Without further discussions,Let’s move to the article.

Find Your Missing iPhone.

Top 5 Apple Watch Tips and Tricks. 2

One of the most useful features of the Apple Watch is the ability to “ping” your iPhone. This is perfect when you lose your iPhone in the sofa cushion. To access this feature, swipe on the clock face to reveal the control center, then tap the bell icon.

Your iPhone makes a high-pitched, audible noise. You can tap the bell icon until you find your iPhone. If you tend to put your iPhone in weird places, this feature is enough to justify buying an iWatch.


Use water lock and eject Water From Apple Watch.

Top 5 Apple Watch Tips and Tricks. 3

Series 1 and the first generation Apple watch are water-resistant,But you should not submerge them in the water, You can submerge and use series 2.

If you swallow your apple watch, be sure to drain the water from the housing when you return to dry land. To do this, you need to activate the water lock on your Apple Watch, and then turn on the digital crown, then any water trapped inside the speaker can be resolved.

Here is how to unlock the water lock,

  • On the Watch face, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap the water lock icon (the drop of water).
  • Turn the digital crown until you hear and feel several long tones.
  • Repeat as necessary until you’re sure there’s no more water inside.

You must activate the water lock before you can swim, bathe, or jump into the ocean. This will lock the touch screen and prevent your iWatch from accidentally swiping registration. If you are starting a “swimming exercise” your watch will do this.


Mute alerts with your palm.

Top 5 Apple Watch Tips and Tricks. 4

If you have activate the sound of the watch, you can avoid disturbing the outside world with the notification sound: if it is not where you want it, you can cover the scene with your hand for three seconds or more. Quickly mute any new sounds. To enable this, you need to view the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, then mute My Watch> Sounds and Haptics> Cover to mute.


Take a screenshot.

Top 5 Apple Watch Tips and Tricks. 5

This is also a good feature i have see in the iwatch. You can have screenshots using your apple watch. If you want to take a screenshot, You can take on your apple watch by quickly and simultaneously pressing both the side button and Digital Crown.


Unlock Your Mac.

Top 5 Apple Watch Tips and Tricks. 6

Apple has added a feature which allows you to Unlock your mac with the apple watch you have.Your watch must run watchOS 3 to use this feature.This also can be paired with iphone 5 or later. Your mac should be a product manufacture after 2013 to be paired with apple watch to access this feature.

To turn on automatic unlocking, open System Preferences > General on your Mac. Make sure the “Allow Handoff Between This Mac and Your iCloud Devices” option is enabled. Next,open System Preferences > Security & Privacy and enable “Allow Your Apple Watch to Unlock Your Mac” under the General tab.

Your Mac will now have to unlock automatically when you are within a few feet of the login screen. You need to sign in to the same Apple ID on your Apple Watch, paired iPhone and Mac for this to take effect.