Anastasiya Kvitko Instagram account: 10.75 Million Followers

Anastasiya Kvitko Instagram account: 10.75 Million Followers 1

Anastasiya Kvitko is an russian-american model. She is currently in Miami-california based and a model ambassador of Bang Energy drink. Anastasia Kvitko also featured in wild out in MTV

Early Life: Anastasia Kvitko moved from russia to United states at the age of 18. After coming here she started auditioning for model. But the model agency told her to lose some weight due to modeling criteria and standard. But she took it as in insult and started posting images in social media. Soon her’s curvy body gained attention to millions of Instagram followers.

Net worth: Because of numerous sponsorship deals and quick fame anastasia kviktko is worth 2 million dollar. 

Anastasiya Kvitko Instagram account: 10.75 Million Followers

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Photos of Anastasia Kvitko:

anastasia kvitko

Siblings: Currently there is no known information about her family including siblings.

Internet controversy:

Even though anastasia claims to be an instagram “model” but the main controversy of her curvy and thic figure. Many people also accused her of doing photoshop on her face.

anastasia kvitko

More or less, people has accused of of creating photoshopped curves.

Answering the controversy model anastasia Claimed all her curves are real and she spent 2 hours every day for the last 3 years in the gym. However, She recently did her “nose job and also lip filler”

Citizenship status: Currently Anastasia is a US citizen. She holds a double citizenship from Russia and United States. The procurement of citizenship is still unknown.

Endorsements: Anastasia Kvitko is the brand ambassador of Bang energy drink and she posts sponsored contents in her instagram account. She also has a brand deal with FashionNova.

Social Media activity:

Currently, Anastasia is mostly engaged in Instagram. She has more than 10 million followers. But she rarely posts contents in Facebook . With such a major following she continuously posts provocative contents.