Tricks to adjust brightness on windows 10.

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Most laptop users change the screen brightness settings according to their preferences. For example, if you work outdoors, you need to increase the screen brightness by 90% – 100% to see the screen. If you work on a laptop at home, then you can dim the screen brightness so as not to damage your eyes. Windows 10 adjusts the brightness of the screen automatically, but most laptop users turn off the screen brightness and do it manually.

Computer monitors have designed and well-arranged over the years. The biggest improvement in the computer world is the addition of the LCD screen, If we compare old CRT monitors LCD monitors are more comfortable for the eyes. However, the brightness of these screens can be affected to your body as eye strain and headaches. By lowering the brightness of your screen you can, preserve your eyesight and your sanity, of course saving the battery life.

Windows 10 offers quick ways to change the brightness of the screen, so you do not need to waste your time. You can easily adjust the screen brightness automatically or manually depending on the power plan, battery life, and ambient light. There are many ways to adjust the screen brightness on windows 10 automatically and manually, This article will tell you how to change the screen brightness in Windows 10 automatically and manually.

Changing the brightness manually.

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Open the settings and under the system category there is the display options, click on the display options and on the brightness and color slider, adjust the screen brightness. brightness will be less on the left side and high on the right side, so you can have the brightness as your wish.


Adjust the brightness according to the power plan.

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You can adjust the brightness on your Windows 10 according to the power plan you are having. If you are running on a low battery you should dim or reduce the brightness for battery consumption. To do that go to the control panel and open the hardware and sound category, select power options and click on the change plan settings, Now adjust the brightness using the slider as your wish.


Changing screen brightness for high battery life.

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There is a battery saver feature on windows 10 which helps to reduce the brightness in your need.To activate this go to settings and click on system category and click on battery and go to battery saver on battery saver, by doing this you can save battery life and ensure battery life.


Adjusting brightness using the keyboard.

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In each and every keyboard brightness feature is indicated by an icon of a sun. But the key combination always depends on the model of the keyboard. each model of keyboards has various key combinations for brightness. You can either increase or decrease brightness using those keys.


Adjusting screen light using adaptive brightness.

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According to the light around you, Your screen brightness also can be adjusted like that. You can enable it if your device is having brightness sensors. To enable this, open settings and select the system category, and click on display options. Click on the change the brightness when the light changes to enable this feature.


Brightness Adjustment Shortcuts in Windows 10.

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In the lower part of your windows 10 device, there is a taskbar that has many functions on it. You can access Into that taskbar and click on brighness and a slider will appear which can be useto lower or increase the screen brightness according to your choice.

use windows mobility center.

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You can also manually adjust your brightness using the Windows Mobility Center. To access this, press Windows key + X and click mobility center.