Mother and her boyfriend arrested for death of a 2-year-old girl

Sahara Ervin, 20, mother of the little girl Maliyah and Ervin’s boyfriend Travion Thompson, 21 were taken into custody and charged with injury to a child and tampering with evidence on Tuesday.

Mother and her boyfriend arrested for death of a 2-year-old girl 1

Maliyah Bass, 2-year-old, was found dead on Brays Bayou. Rosalie Jimerson, Maliyah’s grandmother says she feels a sense of guilt that she couldn’t have done more to save Maliyah from all the pain. “I just blame myself. It’s like I feel like I failed on so many levels as a mom,” said Jimerson. “Whatever happened, just tell the truth. Just tell the truth. And they got on national television, both of them, and they lied to the whole world”.

Ervin and Thompson acted completely distraught at the scene where the innocent little girl’s body was found. “I am drained. I have been looking for her for 24 hours. They should’ve took me. They should’ve took me,” Ervin said in tears. “I asked her where’s the house? Just so she could know. Where’s the house,” Thompson said.

Both Ervin and Thompson have been arrested on Tuesday after doing an investigation with evidence of a human corpse and injury to a child.

“I’m mad because I want to hurt both of them because I feel violated,” said Thompson’s mother Angel Harris. “I feel sad. I feel betrayed.”


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2-year-old girl dead after getting hit by car driven by family member

A 2-year-old child is dead after getting hit by a car in a church parking lot Tuesday night. The incident happened just after 8 p.m. in the parking lot of Righteous Chapel Church, 1709 45th St.

2-year-old girl dead
A 2-year-old girl dead after getting hit by car driven by family member

In the investigation, witnesses told authorities that the family member accidentally hit the child. The child got severely injured. This tragic accident cost an innocent 2-year-old child her life. News reports say that the little girl just turned 2. The deputies are doing a possible investigation with the witnesses in the area.

West Palm Beach police said the child was rushed to a hospital in the same vehicle that hit her. Unfortunately due to severe injuries, the child was pronounced dead. According to the reports, traffic homicide investigators remained at the scene late into the night.

However, the names of the child or the family member were not released. There was no word on whether charges will be filed.

Anyone who witnessed the incident is urged to contact the West Palm Beach Police Department at 561-822-1900.

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