Gryffindor or Slytherin ? Take this harry potter quiz and we will tell you which house you belong

So you think you know harry potter better than us, huh! Well, we will see about that. In today’s magical question we will be going over details of 10 harry potter question that we are pretty sure you can’t answer.

So let’s go!

Harry Potter quiz

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    Which magical spell would you choose?

    • Avada Kadavra
    • Riddikulas
    • Obilivate
    • Spectumsempera
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    Which of these potion is best?

    • Draught of peace
    • Poly juice potion
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    Whom you wanted hermonie to endup with ?

    • Viktor Krum
    • Ron
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    Which of these harry potter character is most likable?

    • Drako Malfoy
    • Neville Longbottom
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    Which magical object is best?

    • Cloak invisibility
    • Elder Wand
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    What does the expecto petronum do?

    • It cause elves to scatter
    • It summons patronus to defend against Dementors
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    Pick a magical plant

    • hogwart’s womping willow
    • Gillyweed
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    What does the “Wingardium Leviosa” spell do?

    • It makes things dissapear
    • It makes things leviate
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    Which hogwarts teacher is the best?

    • Argus Flich
    • Charity Burbag
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    What does Allohomra spell do?

    • Causes flowers to bloom?
    • Unlock doors

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