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Shirtless burglar was barking at dogs before breaking into Orlando home


ORLANDO, Fla. – New information are emerging about a house invasion that occurred last week in the Lake Como region and resulted in the suspect being shot.

After Orlando police issued the arrest report, News 6 heard about the incident through the eyes of the homeowner’s daughter, rather than what she told authorities.

According to the arrest report, the kid became aware of 54-year-old David Havens attempting to break in after hearing him barking at her dogs shirtless.

She then dials 911, claiming Havens was “trying” to open the door.

She instantly hung up with police dispatch, dialed her mother’s number, and was told to seek refuge in the bathroom.

Police said they arrived on the scene shortly later and heard a gunshot. The shooter was the homeowner’s boyfriend, who had picked up the homeowner from a stroll when the teen called.

Havens was discovered with a gunshot wound on the floor after the homeowner’s boyfriend fired his weapon.


“We saw a lot of police cars and officers, and we heard a lot of screaming, and we were urged to immediately return to our homes. “And so we did,” one neighbor said at the time of the event to News 6.

This act was strange to witness, according to neighbors at the time.

Havens went near another home before the break in and threw a number of objects across the lawn, including a child’s scooter, before stripping off his shirt and approaching the home he broke into, according to a neighbor.

Another neighbor attempted to confront Havens, according to the police report, and the homeowner’s boyfriend politely warned Havens to leave before shooting.

“It was startling to all of us,” one neighbor said. “We have a tight community, and we all talk, so we were all in it together.”

After being shot, Havens is currently healing in the hospital.

He’s presently being held on a $5,000 bond, but he’ll be appearing in front of a court soon.


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