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Two 14-year-old Florida girls reported a suspected camera in locker’s room


Jason Brian Goff, 44, of Starke, faces up to 30 years in federal prison for hiding a camera in a girls’ locker room. According to the reports, he attempted production of child pornography.

Jason Goff pleaded guilty last week in Jacksonville federal court. Two 14-year-old girls reported a suspected camera in August 2019 at Clay High School in Green Cove Springs. As per the investigation, a video on the phone showed girls changing, along with a shot of Goff’s school identification badge.

Officials found a cell phone taped to the inside wall of an unassigned locker. In the investigation, Goff’s other electronic devices contained additional images from the girls’ locker room and a collection of child pornography.


Federal statutes prohibit the distribution, production, and possession of pornographic images of a child. Production of child pornography carries a 15-year sentence for each count. Florida defines child pornography as knowingly possessing, controlling, or viewing child pornography. Child pornography can include pictures, motion pictures, shows, images, data files, representations, exhibitions, computer depictions, or other visual presentations.

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