What is your reaction on Joe Biden’s Victory?; Election 2020

What is your reaction on Joe Biden's Victory?; Election 2020 1


Joe Biden wins the presidential election. He will take office in January 2021. Biden’s win in the critical state put him over the threshold of 270 electoral votes.

Joe Biden

“The people of this nation have spoken. They have delivered us a clear victory, a convincing victory,” Mr. Biden told his supporters in his home town of Wilmington, Delaware. “Let this grim era of demonization in America begin to end here and now,” he said. “I pledge to be a President who seeks not to divide, but to unify,” he said, then addressed Trump’s supporters directly.


“Now, let’s give each other a chance. It’s time to put away the harsh rhetoric, lower the temperature, see each other again, listen to each other again,” he said. “This is the time to heal in America.”

“What is our mandate?” he said. “I believe it’s this: Americans have called upon us to marshal the forces of decency, the forces of fairness, to marshal the forces of science and the forces of hope in the great battles of our time.”

What is your reaction to Joe Biden winning the US election? 

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Author: Charles Stillwater

Mr. Charles has worked with BBC for several years before joining as chief editor for Orlando Solution. He is a father of two beautiful daughters and currently living in the beautiful city of Orlando. He likes to play basketball in his free time.

2 thoughts on “What is your reaction on Joe Biden’s Victory?; Election 2020”

  1. It was all the fraud committed. They had a plan and dead people voted, people filled out several ballots, there was a software program called Hammer that was used. And secret videos etc. To prove it.

  2. I agree with Karen it’s a fraudulent victory. And they should go to prison for it .but they have to much money to get locked up. And that in itself is BS.
    There are way to many coincidences to be believable that it is anything but a fraudulent election.

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