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Orlando Man tries to forcibly get inside the Walmart without Face Mask

Orlando Man tries to get inside the Walmart without wearing a mask

Orlando Man

On Saturday, it became mandatory in Orange County to wear masks. However, violating the directions, one Orlando Man tries to forcibly enter Walmart without wearing a face mask.

A video of the incident was shared on twitter by a witness.

The man, when entered the Walmart, an employee tried to resist him, but as he wanted to get in, he fought with that employee and pushed him aside. The employee was clearly seen in the video, trying to avoid any physical contact, but the man still fought to get inside. At a certain point, the old man falls to the floor while pushing Walmart’s employee.

In the video, it was evident that another shopkeeper tried to offer a face mask to the man, but furiously, the Orlando man ignored his offer and got in inside the Walmart. After continuous resistance, the man finally made his mind to leave Walmart.



To know about Orange County’s Mandatory Mask Order, visit:

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