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Orange County makes it mandatory to wear masks as COVID-19 spreads like a wildfire

Orange County


Orange County makes it mandatory to wear masks as the COVID-19 positive cases increase drastically

Orange County has made it really important for the public to wear face masks as the Covid-19 cases increase dramatically. The order was issued on Thursday afternoon.

During a news conference, Mayor of Orange County, Jerry Demings indicated that the orders would be applied to the residents of Orlando City and the visitors to Orange County as well. He further stated:

“The Virus is not done with us”

The Mayor has also told a piece of worrisome news as he said that the cases have increased real quick and the hospitalization has also increased in recent times.


In addition to the increase in cases, another concern has been that the average age of contracting the virus is also decreasing as the more and more younger people are getting affected by this virus. According to the Orange County Officials, the average age of people tested positive is 29. The County health officials have also said, that around 150 cases are linked back to the University of Central Florida students.

After this order, many residents have come up with their views and it indicates that they are happy with the decision and are favoring it. It seems like people are really wanting to cooperate with the officials and with integrity, they want to confront this menace. With good steps been taken, it is possible to beat the virus in no time.


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