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Orlando Police Department is in search of 11-year-old missing girl

missing girl


The 11-year-old missing girl is being searched by the Orlando Police department.

The name of the girl is Amanda Pedroso, and she was lost on Thursday, at 4710 Chevy Place.  She was last seen on a Thursday night around 9 p.m. Surveillance video revealed that she was in a dark model Honda CRV at about 2 a.m.

Her parents are totally unaware of the driver, or anyone who might be the driver.


According to her parents, she is 5-foot, 5 inches tall, and she has long dark hair. Her weight is around 110 pounds.

Orlando Police Department has announced that anyone can call the Police by dialing 911, or 321-235-5300 if he/she gets any information about the missing girl, Amanda, or her car.

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