42-year-old man loses 3 family members in Lake Wales crash


According to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, 42-year-old Wagner Salvador lost 3 family members Friday night after the car he was driving got into an accident.

members in Lake Wales crash

As per the reports, Salvador’s car hit Phillip Penatello’s car. The accident happened on State Road 60 around 10:30 p.m. on Friday approximately one mile east of County Road 630 near Indian Lake Estates in Lake Wales.

Records show 83-year-old Penatello was speeding as he drove eastbound on State Road 60, in a no-passing zone, when he went into the left lane to pass a vehicle.


Unfortunately, Veruska Salvador, 45, Ashley Salvador, 12, and Albert Salvador, 11, who were all with Wagner Salvador killed in the crash. Investigators say Wagner Salvador was airlifted to Orlando Regional Medical Center with numerous broken bones. Also, Penatello was airlifted to an area hospital where he died from his injuries.

Investigators said due to the death of the suspected at-fault driver, no criminal charges are pending. The investigation is ongoing.


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Written by Charles Stillwater

Mr. Charles has worked with BBC for several years before joining as chief editor for Orlando Solution. He is a father of two beautiful daughters and currently living in the beautiful city of Orlando. He likes to play basketball in his free time.


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  1. Make it make sense, how did Salvador hit Penatello, if Penatello was the one cross over into Salvador lane,this is sad that man lost his whole family and you wrote the report looking like it was his fault, I don’t think 83yrs old should drive after dark,it should be a law passed on that.

    • Yep ya bed believe that and yes it is ashame that the man who caused this is dead he needs to know what he did there’s a place in hell for him cause he knew he was speeding and he knew he was not suppose to be passing prob INTOXICATED … Prayers for that family 💜 the report should SAY PENTALLO HIT SALVADORS CAR CAUSE PENTALLO WAS THE JACKASS IN THE WRONG ..

  2. Clearly, it states Penatello was the one to cross over into Salvador’s lane. In my opinion, the report is accurate as it also states the lane was a no passing zone. That would point at Mr._______ being in the wrong. Who knows? I could be wrong!

  3. My condolences to Wagner Salvador for his loss. My heart hurts for him. I do think older drives should be REQUIRED to take driving test every year after age 70 and appropriate restrictions placed.

  4. I am in my early 80’s, my driving is very good, I work & my job is driving a 14 passenger bus. Haven’t had an accident in many, many years, the way people drive now adays is terrible, when I think I have seen it all, then some jerk does something that amazes me. So all in all, most senior drivers are not reckless.

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