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Man used online gaming to have lewd conversation with a teen


DELTONA, FLORIDA- The accused, Truneika Ramos, 34, is pressed with charges for using online video games, Paladins and AFK arena, to contact the 14 year old teen and share explicit content. Ramos was arrested by Volusia County Deputies on Thursday to discover that he’s also known as Dejon and D, J Ramos.

The Dawson County Sheriff’s office in Georgia was reported to have started investigations pertaining to the case in March 2020 and said that Ramos has exchanged explicit text and has had video conversations with the victim through Google Hangouts. According to the news release, the arrested believed to be in a relationship with the teen and was clearly aware of his age.


Records show that Ramos was pressed with charges for soliciting a child using a computer and unlawfully using a two-way communication device.  Ramos who was sent to jail on Friday is held with a bond of $55,000.

More warrants are being served for internet crimes against children than narcotics, according to Sheriff Mike Chitwood.

“About a dozen more warrants for crimes like this than we do for Drugs. That’s how dangerous. Said Chitwood. “Something as benign as a Nintendo game and yet you have these scumbag predators that are out there trolling, looking for their opportunity.” He further said that parents were requested to be more vigilant and monitor their children’s online activity.


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