Man in Brevard County recovered from COVID-19 after facing severe symptoms

Man in Brevard County recovered from COVID-19 after facing severe symptoms 1


Spencer Rollyson is a 21-year old man living in Brevard County. He said that he suffered from a minor COVID-19 infection in May. Rollyson explained that he was apparently fine after two weeks and felt healthy.

Man in Brevard County recovered from COVID-19 after facing severe symptoms


He explained his experience that he felt a little lethargic and fatigued and thought that people are freaking out over COVID-19 for no reason. After two weeks of recovery, he was tested negative. However, his health condition changed quickly. He had to experience the worst symptoms and was admitted to AdventHealth East Orlando in Brevard County. He remembered that he was on a bed in the intensive care unit and was not able to breathe on his own.


Rollyson said that he was told that all his organs are shutting down. He suffered from respiratory failure and heart failure. Further, all his organs were inflamed. Doctors explained that probably due to fighting COVID-19, his immune system became weak and he was facing the condition.

Rollyson was recently married and was worried that he may leave his wife behind.

He said that he thought he would die and leave his wife behind just after five months of marriage. The whole time was very scary as he tried to breathe but couldn’t.
Dr. Jason Littleton working at Littleton Concierge Medicine said that how COVID-19 will have a long term effect on your body systems is still unknown. Still the virus can make you vulnerable for chronic effects on other organs as well.

Dr. Littleton added that people are having both short ad long term effects of COVID-19 and we are still learning things day by day. Most commonly, people are suffering from tissue damage and a weakened immune system.

Fortunately, the 21-year-old has recovered successfully but it is a warning for others. So, protect yourselves.

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Rollyson advised taking the COVID-19 seriously. He said prevention and precaution are always better than having the disease and its effects. Nobody will try to bet his life on it. So, I would recommend you to please take things seriously.

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