41-year-old man accused of kidnapping 13-year-old teen from Daytona Beach


As per the Daytona Beach Police Department, an Arizona man is accused of kidnapping a teen from Daytona Beach. Christopher Reed, 41, was arrested in North Carolina on Friday.

Reports show Reed is accused of picking up the teen girl from her school with her consent and tried to fly her to his home in Arizona. Reed flew from Arizona to Daytona Beach on Thursday in hopes of meeting the teen.

Police Department says, “the 13-year-old victim and Reed had flown to Charlotte from Daytona Beach International Airport and were waiting on another flight at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport when authorities found them.”

According to the reports, the girl’s mother told the Holly Hill Police Department in September that her daughter and the 41-year-old man met on Instagram. She said her daughter and the man had been exchanging inappropriate photos.


Officials say Reed is currently held on a charge of kidnapping.


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