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Knight’s pub’s liquor license has been suspended after employees and patrons tested positive for COVID-19

The knight’s Pub’s liquor license suspended, the reason is COVID-19

Knight's Pub


After the Employees and patrons tested positive for the Covid-19, Knight’s Pub’s Liquor license got suspended. The Florida Department of Businesses and Professional Regulation issued the suspension of the alcoholic beverage vendor.

According to the reports of the Florida Department of Businesses and Professional Regulation, around 13 employees of the Knight’s Pub have been tested positive for the COVID-19 and in addition to that, around 28 patrons tested positive for the virus after their visit to the bar.

The Patrons who visited the Bar were traced by contact tracing and it was the major aid to the Florida Department of Health in order to identify the patrons.

Knight's Pub


The actions violated the executive order of phase 2 in Florida’s reopening. In phase 2, the bars and restaurants were allowed to reopen but with the seated services only.

There were no social distancing measures taken to prevent the transmission of the virus at the pub, according to the court documents.

Apart from the social distancing enforcement, the court documents further say that the Patrons were served with beverages while not being seated for service on June 6. This came in as the biggest reason for the suspension of the license.


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