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Human Trafficking in Leon County to be put to a stop


LEON COUNTY, FLORIDA- According to the latest news, the town is soon going to be a safe place to live in, having the human trafficking issue sorted out with the new partnership with a Tallahassee group. The group plans and hopes to crack down and keep people safe.

According to the reports the survivors will be provided with direct support and assistance with housing and counseling by The Survive and Thrive Advocacy Center.

The Advocacy Center has now been partnered with the Leon County Law Enforcement to help and guide the hospitality industry in successfully spotting human trafficking.


The group in their statement said that it should be a community effort.

“Everybody in the community really has a role to play in identifying and understanding what trafficking is. There are so many myths and misconceptions about what trafficking is. For example, we don’t have a solid ground as other communities do on labor trafficking, “said Executive Director Robin Hassler Thompson.

Part of the agenda being approved by the commission requires county contracts to include a clause that says anytime taxpayer funds are used, they do not use trafficked labor.


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