How to Keep Your Mac From Sleeping in 5 Ways.



How to Keep Your Mac From Sleeping in 5 Ways. 1
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By default, macOS is set to maximum efficiency. It tries to save as much energy as possible so that your battery life will be longer or your electricity bills will be lower. When you stop using your Mac for a while, it automatically goes to sleep.

It is not practical to change the power settings for every small task. For example, you do not need to sleep on the display or computer during a presentation while watching live statistics or downloading a large file. We’ll show you ” How to Keep Your Mac From Sleeping in 5 Ways.”

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1. Built-in Energy Saver.

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macOS has tools to turn off the screen and customize how long your computer should wait before going to sleep. To adjust these power-related settings, select the Apple menu> System Preferences and click Energy Saving.

For MacBooks, the Battery tab controls the behavior of your Mac while the battery is running, and the power adapter controls its behavior when the tab is plugged in. Never drag the turn display after the slider and click OK from the popup that does not appear. You can never set the scene settings for a specific task, but be sure to set them to default. If you keep the display running at all times, your battery life will be reduced and it will need to be replaced sooner than usual.


2. KeepingYouAwake.

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KeepingYouAwake is a menu bar application based on the Caffeine Command Line tool to prevent your Mac from falling asleep. It is a suitable substitute for caffeine which is now inactive. The app lets you choose from the default options.

Right-click on the icon and select Duration> Indefinite or Enable for a specified period. You can add your custom gift and choose to turn it off automatically if the battery level is below a certain limit.

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3. Lungo

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Lungo is a modern menu bar app to keep your Mac awake. It comes with a dark theme designed to fit the Makos dark wall. Upon launch, the app provides a brief list of pre-defined time periods and access to preferences.


Instead of just a wrapping tool, you can control Lungo from scripts or via the terminal application. The application supports commands such as enable, disable or toggle and parameters such as hours and minutes.

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4. AntiSleep or Sleep Control Center.

How to Keep Your Mac From Sleeping in 5 Ways. 5
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The Sleep Control Center may be the only app that gives you good control over whether or not to allow or prevent sleep under different conditions or conditions. More basically, the app stays awake on your Mac-specific terms of service. In system sleep mode, the display is inactive, but the system remains active. When you close the laptop lid, your Mac sleeps automatically. Similarly, you can set a timer from the defined session list before configuring the sleep mode at your convenience.

You can choose to activate the app on different events. For example, when you give a presentation, when an external disk is connected, the battery reaches a critical level, and much more. Or, avoid falling asleep even when you close the laptop lid when connected to a power adapter.

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Amphetamine is a utility application that allows MacOS to stay awake for a specific period of time or situation that you define. The application is based on the “sessions” principle. To get started, right-click on the icon and select Default Period (by default no date) or pre-defined period.

Or, you can select a situation to ensure that your Mac continues to function until the task is completed. For example, when you run a special application to monitor a task, download a file, or transfer it to a USB device.

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