How to Hide the “Recents” Folder on the Mac.


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As you may have speculated, the “recents” folder in macOS is anything but a genuine envelope area. is a savvy envelope comprising of a Spotlight search for your most as of late utilized documents? Each document that you listed in “recents” is really situated in various folders on your Mac. You just see the alternate routes to these documents in a focal area.

You can’t totally remove the “Recents” organizer from macOS, however, you can find ways to conceal it from view or incapacitate the manner in which it works. Here’s the ticket.

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How to Hide or Disable the “Recents” Folder on the Mac.

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You can not delete the “Recents” folder completely, and many people may be content to hide it from casual view while using Finder, so focus on the search by clicking on the icon in your pool. This brings the search to the forefront and makes it a dynamic application.


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Then, open Finder preferences by clicking “finder” in the menu bar, at that point choosing “preferences.” Or you can press Command+, (comma) on your console.


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After the finder preferences opened, Click on the General Tab, Then click the menu labeled ” New Finder Windows Show.”


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As the menu expands, select a new folder location that you would like to see each time you open a new search window. You can choose a location other than “Recents” according to your personal preference. In our example, we selected our Desktop Folder.


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After that, close the search preferences. Next, we remove the “Recents” shortcut in the search bar by default. Open a new search window and right-click on “Recnts” in the sidebar. In the menu that appears, select “Remove from Sidebar”.

After performing these steps, you will no longer see the “Recents” folder in your daily activities. However, it can still be accessed via the finder’s “go” menu in the menu bar at the top of the screen.





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