How to free up hard disk space on windows.

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When your desktop or laptop is too cluttered, you may experience some serious functional issues. If you experience delays, freezing programs, or difficulty finding important documents, it may be time to thoroughly clean your computer’s hard drive. Hard disks are getting bigger, but somehow they always seem to fill up. This is especially true if you are using a solid state drive (SSD) that provides less hard disk drive than traditional mechanical hard disks.

In this article, we will learn about the top 5 ways to clean your Windows hard drive: find out what takes up so much space on your hard drive, reduce clutter and create space for all those important new applications or files. So, without further details, let’s get started,

Uninstalling unnecessary apps and programmes.

If there are unnecessary or non usable apps or programmes on your hard disk of the devise, you should uninstall them for better performance. Increase space of your hard drive uninstalling unused applications that use more space.

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Free up space emptying recycle bin on windows.

In Windows , when deleting files, the system does not delete them from the hard drive. If you need them again, keep them in the recycle bin. However, depending on how the feature is configured, the recycle bin can take up a lot of space over time, which means that emptying the container is one of the first steps you must take to reclaim valuable storage space.

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Windows disk cleanup.

Windows comes with a handful of great tools to help keep your computer’s storage in great order. The problem is, not everyone knows where to find these tasks and what to look for.The first of these tools is disk cleaning. It allows you to delete data such as temporary files, which can become like GB (gigabytes) of data over time.

Way to disk cleanup,

  • Visit your computer window.
  • Right click on your hard drive and select properties.
  • Click on disk cleanup under the “General Tab”.
  • Windows will inform you how much space you can free after the hard drive scan is finished.
  • Select the files you want to delete from the drive and click OK.

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Remove temporary files.

Temporary files generated by apps like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox , cannot be removed by a disk cleanup. Because they are external apps. there will be gigabytes of cookies, internet histories and cashes still on your device saved by these external apps. You can directly remove these data from these apps or by using a third-party application.

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Use an external storage or the cloud to store data.

You canĀ  use pend-rives, memory chips, external hard-drives to store data without any issue. Cloud storage allows you to store your files on remote servers and access them over the Internet. There are different cloud service providers: Apple i-Cloud and Microsoft One-Drive are just two examples. Most providers offer a limited amount of storage space, with the option of paying monthly for more storage space if you wish.

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