How to Fix The Apps Not Working on Android.



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Apps have become the bloodstream of our lives. We use mobile apps almost every day. We wake up from the alarm app, we fall asleep while using a mobile app. Throughout the day we continue to use messages, media, or social apps. Applications can cause problems because they are nothing but software. One such problem is the crash of the most common apps on Android.

Here are some methods you can use to fix non-running apps on Android issues. If none of these methods work, please let us know in the comments with your device and bug details, we will resolve the issue with other methods.

The vast majority of Android users are accustomed to the inconvenience of inactivity. If the application does not open, crashes, or does not respond, there are steps you can take to remedy the situation. So, Here’s “How to Fix The Apps Not Working on Android.”

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1. Clear App Cache.

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The most important and useful way to troubleshoot non-functional apps in Android is to clear the cache. Launch the Settings app on Android and go to “Application Manager”. Tap the “All” tab in the center-right now to list all the apps that work on your device. Tap on the app that does not work. You will see the “Clear Cache” option. Tap it, the cache for that application will be empty. Check the application again, it should work fine.

You can delete the app data using the “Clear Data” option. This clears all data and cache and removes data variables. But data cleaning should only be attempted if cache clearing does not work.


2. Change Recommended Apps Settings.

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The latest versions of Android have a “Recommended Apps” configuration section. Non-functional applications on Android may come up when the settings in this section are not configured correctly. Launch the Settings on Android and go to the notification panel. The “Recommended Applications” section should be toggled to ON.


3. Uninstall and Reinstall App.

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Another way to troubleshoot non-functional applications is to uninstall and reinstall the application that created the problem. This way, all data and variables associated with the application will be deleted and the application will be reinstalled. You do not need to change the settings. But yes, you have a chance to lose the progress or settings of the app.



4. Uninstall the Web View.

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If you are using an older version of Android, it was updated by Google last year and provided a “web-view” in the settings. This update caused many application crashes. Here’s how to prevent apps from changing web display settings Go to Settings on your Android device and go to “App Manager”. Now tap on Android System Web View and “Uninstall” it.

Uninstalling Web View does not harm your core application settings or data. It will display the visual variables that are pulling back from the app market. This will solve the problem of crashing apps on Android.


5. Update the App.

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The next step is to check if there are any updates for the app. Open the Google Play Store, tap the hamburger menu in the top left corner, then select “My Apps & Games”. Apps with updates are listed here. If you see your inactive app in the list, tap Update and double-check to see if the issue is resolved. Alternatively, you can search for the app using the search bar at the top. If there is an update, you will see an update button below the thumbnail of the app.


6. Restart Your Phone.

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This is the main thing you ought to do when managing a lethargic application. Press your gadget’s force button for around 10 seconds and select the Restart/Reboot choice. In the event that there is no Restart choice, power it down, hang tight for five seconds, and betray once more.

When the system stacks up once more, have a go at dispatching the application again to check whether the issue is still near. In the event that indeed, keep perusing.






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