How I got 0.004$ cheap app install by Optimizing Facebook ad campaign

A few days ago, I was trying to optimize my ads for my website, and I found an interesting thing, The more clicks I get to my website the more cost per click goes down. That means high CTR = cost per clicks.

That got me thinking if I can lower my cost per install for app advertising campaign. In this blog post I will show you how I lower my cost per install by properly ad optimization.

First I need to research about my ads. If I my app is in health industry then I need to know what kind of ads for the health industry are working best , or if my app is in photo editor industry I need to know what kind of ads are working best.

There is a website called which offers spying your competitors ads and see what kind of ads are working best for them.

facebook ad campaign

For this, we will put a keyword “photo editor”. after putting the keyword the website will show us winning ads. we will narrow down to see which posts got more likes, higher likes mean higher CTR.


cheap app install

As you can see , we got our winning ads. now we know what path we need to take to create better ads that will result in better.

To sum the competitors ads:

  1. Video ads
  2. Ads that reflect beautiful girls
  3. Ads that has photo editor
  4. Ads that has heavy makeup effects with eye lash
  5. Ads that are hand tutorial based.

After getting our main key points, now we need to create our own ads. We need to create at least 10 video ads of 4-5 seconds each, also adding contemporary music as a background.

Creating the ad campaign and ad optimization:

Now we will post the ads that we created, We will post the ads in our Facebook pages.

Now we will come back to our Facebook ad campaign and create a campaign for app install.

facebook ad optimization

Now we will create our basic audience creation. depending on our audience we will try to narrow down as much as we can. It’s been to keep the audience between 500,000- 1.5 Million.

While creating the ads, we will select from our previous post, and use app’s link as a destination.

We will continue create at least 10 video ads and another 10 copyright ads to split test everything.

How I got 0.004$ cheap app install by Optimizing Facebook ad campaign 1

As you can see I already created a lot of ads, I got my winning ads.

One of my ad had an impression of 9220 and got 833 clicks/installs. that means 10% CTR. that’s a lot. That’s one of the easy way to boost app for android or IOS. one of the useful trick to increase app downloads without spending a lot of money to buy app installs.

We should also use app events to tracks very specific actions through the ad. this is one of the best way to find winning ad that can convert . When you create such winning ads it will also get more organic reach through facebook sharing and can get free app installs.

Creating audience:

Creating the audience is very important while creating ads. Here are some tricks and tips on creating audience for your app installs:

  1. Use Facebook pixel for re-targeting app installs: Doesn’t matter if you have a photo editor website or a simple ticket booking or course making website, when your users come to your  website through social media, the pixel can track your site visitors and later can show them ads. We can achieve this by creating custom audience.
    How I got 0.004$ cheap app install by Optimizing Facebook ad campaign 2
    here as you can see i created an audience who visited my ebook website, later i am showing them a specific ad to turn potential customers into buyers of my book.
    Now imagine if you are working in health or weight loss industry and have an weight loss app. Where users can buy per month subscription pack through the app .
    Someday you wrote a blog post about weight loss and it reached 1 million people. all those potential clients. All you have to do is create a facebook pixel, re-target them and send them to your app’s market listing. It’s as easy as it sounds!
  2. Creating custom or look a like audience: As we know Facebook’s advertising rates are going up day by day, it’s very hard to acquire new customer.
    We can lower our customer acquisition cost by using some tricks:
    1) Create a look alike audience: Imagine someone like sushi, and she’s a girl. We can tell facebook target girls who are 18-25 and likes sushi. Usually Facebook will create a look alike audience based on that information.
    2) Narrow down the audience: We can also narrow down the audience. Instead of targeting the whole country we can target state/cities based on cell phone device usage and brands.
    Here’ s quick snap of device list based on cities:

    How I got 0.004$ cheap app install by Optimizing Facebook ad campaign 3
    source: mixpanel

So these are the ways you can use to lower your cost per app install to 0.004 or even less. Please write in the comment section if I missed anything!


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