Woman blamed 6-year-old after gun found hidden outside Disney World

Woman blamed 6-year-old after gun found hidden outside Disney World 1


Reports say a woman attempted to hide a loaded gun in a planter at Disney’s Ticket and Transportation Center. Disney World security cameras captured 27-year-old Marcia Temple placing the purse in the plants. She told deputies 6-year-old was actually the one who put it there.


As per the reports, the incident happened on Oct. 8 when an AdventHealth worker checking temperatures before guests entered Magic Kingdom at the ticket. Security alerted an Orange County Sheriff’s deputy who looked inside the purse near the planter and deputy found something suspicious.

When deputies interrogated Temple she said: “I had told my son to hold it for me and stand right here while I go get my brother. He put it down, and messed with the plants and I put them back, but I didn’t know he put it down and I didn’t know he left it over here.”


In the investigation, it was found that the gun was holding 10 rounds, with one in the chamber. According to the reports Temple was charged with carrying a concealed firearm and was given a trespass warning, which prohibits her from returning to all Walt Disney World property.


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