10-year-old Florida girl’s mother shot to death by her ex-boyfriend

florida girl


An ex-boyfriend of the lady killed her at home. The lady was a mother of a 10-year old Florida girl and it was her first day of online classes, reported by the investigators.

Maribel Rosado was 32-years-old with four children. On the occasion of her killing, her two cousins were also present along with her four kids at her Indiantown home. The murderer was Donald William, 27 years old.

florida girl

William entered the home at about 8 a.m. and they both began to argue on some video, as reported by Synder. Willian shot the Rosado many times.

A teacher at Warfield Elementary school witnessed the whole situation when she was having a video call on Zoom with the 10-year-old student.

The teacher said that it was his first experience of a video call with the children when he came to know about the violence, he assumed that it was a domestic altercation. He further explained that the Florida girl immediately muted and put her hands on her ears. She was looking very afraid.


Then the zoom call was cut because the cullet had touched the computer.

During the shooting, no one else was injured.

William fled the scene on a bicycle and started to board the bus, but the driver of the bus considered him suspicious and immediately called 911. William was taken into custody by the SWAT team.

Moreover, he gave the full confession and he will be charged for first-degree murder.

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