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Florida sets a new COVID-19 record. Registers 11,000 plus positive cases



Florida sets new Covid-19 record

Florida has hit a new high, with registering new 11,000 plus COVID-19 cases. The state has registered 11,458 new positive cases and because of that, the overall total has reached skyrocketing 190,052. Saturday was the day with the highest cases being registered.

Experts have indicated that due to less testing and other reasons, the cases of Covid-19 in Florida are ballooning rapidly and are sure that there are even more cases and the real number is even higher. In addition to this, the experts believe that many people do get infected by the virus, but do not show the symptoms and feel sick.

According to the Florida Department of Health data, 244 new cases of people are hospitalized with having critical conditions. Around 15,735 people have received the hospitalization due to COVID-19 since March. In addition to this, Florida reported 3,702 fatalities because of COVID-19 to date.

The alarming thing to watch out for is the daily cases of COVID-19 in Florida in comparison with the amount of testing. On Saturday, Florida reported 14.10 percent of the daily positive cases rate.

Following is the list of Counties in Central Florida and their total COVID-19 cases to date:

The cases in Florida are on the rise and the hospitals are left with few intensive care beds. Amid such a critical situation, the most populous County of the State is getting closed once again. Beaches would get closed and the curfew would be implemented to curb the spread of the virus. Some of the counties have already implemented curfews.


The Miami Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez has implemented a curfew from 10 p.m till 6 a.m from Friday night for an indefinite period. He stated:

“This curfew is meant to stop people from venturing out and hanging out with friends in groups, which has shown to be spreading the virus rapidly.”

The mayor’s order has made it strict to wear masks at the restaurants. Before it was allowed to remove the masks after the people sat down, however, this is not the case now and they have to wear it all the time.

Downtown Orlando, which is a place full of activity and people but after the bars have closed down, it has become quite.

The bars were recently stopped from serving the alcohols for on-site consumption in an act to curb the spread of the virus.

The order was issued by Gov. Ron DeSantis, and it included bars, pubs, and movie theatres.


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