FBI agents arrested Martin County Resident for Child Exploitation


MIAMI, FLORIDA- On Friday, 22 years old Nikolas Cook of Stuart appeared in Federal Court and detained pending trials on charges of misusing only three years old girl to make images of child pornography then distributing them in an internet chat group.

Cook was also charges of having child pornography on his cell phone.


According to allegations, Cook was attending a social media chat room on September 10, 2020. While participating, he shared multiple pornographic images of three years old girl in a group chat. When the FBI learned the activity, they investigated, and within a few hours, they determine his address and arrest him. While searching his residence, FBI agents found a cell phone full of sexually explicit images and videos of young children being sexually abused.

Cook arraignment date is fixed for February 12.


Written by Robert Miller

Robert Miller is one of the senior reporters of Orlando Solution. Mr miller worked in NBC as an investigative reporter for the last 10 years. Currently Mr Miller living in Florida and working with Orlando Solution. He has 2 sons and 2 granddaughters.

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