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A family in Lake County volunteers for vaccine trial of COVID-19

A family in Lake County volunteers for vaccine trial of COVID-19 1


Different pharmaceutical companies are trying to have as many volunteers as possible for vaccine trials of COVID-19. A family in Lake County steps forward to be a volunteer for the coronavirus vaccine trial.


Dr. Eric Poe is a 74-year-old retired cardiologist in Lake County. He states that he has been following vaccines for coronavirus since march. His whole family has signed up for the vaccine trial.

He said that his two sons and their wives are going to take part in the recent vaccine trial.

Also, Poe explained that his girlfriend Barbara Pauer is ready for trial.

Barbara showed concerns initially about becoming part of the trial.

Dr. Coe thinks that getting a brand new vaccine of the novel coronavirus is quite safe for his loved ones.

Coe told that the risk in being positive to CVID-19 is much more than receiving a vaccine.

A lot of pharmaceutical companies are struggling with the appropriate clinical trials for the vaccine against COVID-19. Dr. Anthony Fauci remarked that the work will be completed by the end of the year.

Fauci said that probably they are going to have tens of thousands or even more doses of vaccine at the start of the year.


Dr. Coe got his first shot of the vaccine at the weekend.

He explained that immediately after getting the shot, he did not feel anything, but three or four hours afterward, his arm was a little sore, he felt tired and had a few chills

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The whole process was ended within an hour. He is assured that it will pay him back and he would be able to spend time with his loved ones again.

Coe added that his five children and grandchildren are concerned about his health. They are worried that they may infect me as well.

Barbara Pauer said that due to the pandemic, the whole family is hesitant towards hanging out and going to restaurants. She told us that she hasn’t been to yoga for four months. She would like to get back to all those things she missed during this period.

The family is going to have a second shot after about a month of getting the first.

In this study, half of the volunteers are given the vaccine and half are getting the placebo.

Dr. Coe feels confident about getting the vaccine.


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