10 facts you didn’t know about Jeffree Star

10 facts you didn't know about Jeffree Star 1


One of the most sensational personalities in the Internet Jeffree Star is known for his videos, makeup, and what no? This talented and cheerful person is an entrepreneur, makeup artist, singer, and owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics. These are the facts you don’t know about this star:

about Jeffree Star

  1. “I’m Jeffree, and I’m attracted to whoever I want to be” :

Jeffree is bold and opinionated and believes in being real. He told Westword, “They think I’m just a ‘gay artist’ because I like guys,”. “But I’m a worldwide artist.” “I am attracted to both genders and I have been with transgender people and I just don’t even know if there’s a name for it.”

    2. He is not just limited with YouTube:

As said before, this star is not only a YouTuber but also does so many other things. The worldwide popular cosmetic brand, “Jeffree Star Cosmetics” is owned by him. He is also a makeup artist and a entrepreneur.

  3. He doesn’t see himself as a role model

In an interview with Out Magazine, he told, “I don’t consider myself a role model,”. “But in reality it’s like, if my music or my being myself can help other people, that’s all that really matters to me. … So if me living my life and people seeing it online or on TV, if it helps their lives, then that’s the most important thing I think.”

   4. His very first love is Music:

This multi-talented artist has also contributed to the music industry. His first album debuted in 2009, and he performed on the Warped Tour. Jeffree collaborated with rap sensation Nicki Minaj on the song “Lollipop Luxury.”

  5. He Split From His Longtime Partner Nathan Schwandt

He revealed to his fans that he had a lovely boyfriend Nathan Schwandt. The two of them decided to go their separate ways, without saying much about it in the public.

  6. He Bought A Multi-Million Dollar Home In Hidden Hills:


Jeffree is now neighbor with celebrities likes of Kylie Jenner, The Weeknd, Paris Hilton. He bought an estate in Hidden Hills in 2019.

  7. He has a great relationships with his mom

Star loves his mom very much. There was never like a, ‘Hey mom, I like men, and sometimes women,'” he told. “It was kind of just like, I find dudes attractive. It wasn’t really a big deal. And thank god I have a mom that always raised me to be open-minded.”

  8.  He has more tattoos than he can count:

“I’m obsessed with art, and you know when you’re younger and someone tells you that you can’t change your appearance, you’re going to want to change it more than normal,” he told Out Magazine. “So now I’m like a walking canvas.”

  9. His investment in comestic brand is huge:

He has thrown all of the money he’d saved up into funding business startup costs. The risk was worth it, his cosmetic brand is now worldwide popular.

  10.He is  in cruelty-free;

  “I think it’s so archaic that cosmetic companies are still using animal by-products and insects in their products!” he told.”It was a simple choice: I didn’t want to exclude anyone, that wasn’t fair,” he said. “And it’s morally right. End of story.”


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