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Florida death toll due to COVID-19 crossed 9000

The residential death toll of Florida due to COVID-19 is uncontrollable


New 6,148 cases of COVID-19 are reported by the Florida Department of Health. Now the total number of corona cases in Florida has reached 563,285.

While the death toll reached 9,141 after the addition of 228 more fatalities.

Non-Floridian deaths of the state are reported to be 135 by now.

Out of the total cases of the corona, 557,337 are the Floridians while 5,948 are not the native residents of Florida.


Florida Department of Health reported that 4148396 persons are checked and tested for corona. This Friday is the 20th day in a row with 1000 positive cases each day.

276 new deaths were also reported on Tuesday.

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Written by Charles Stillwater

Mr. Charles has worked with BBC for several years before joining as chief editor for Orlando Solution. He is a father of two beautiful daughters and currently living in the beautiful city of Orlando. He likes to play basketball in his free time.

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