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“Dr. James Ray suffering from COVID-19”


A  Naples Dr. James Roy reported having symptoms of COVID-19, according to the medical report. It is believed that he got the virus from his co-worker.

James Ray is an orthopedic specialist in Naples. He is 68 years old with 42+ years of experience in the medical field. He is affiliated with NCH Baker hospital in Naples.


According to their family, his wife, Tracee Ray, an enrolled nurse, was also reported as a coronavirus patient. They started encountering the symptoms and determined to have Coronavirus at the end of December.

His family stated that he was hospitalized through an ambulance because of weakness on January 9. Since his induction into the hospital, his kidneys have been seriously influenced, and he was facing severe health conditions.

Dr. James Ray’s family indicated that at a certain point, he was so powerless and was unable to hold anything, even his cell phone. And was in extreme trouble to drink anything through a straw.


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