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Disney World reopening

Disney World reopening: CEO talks plans

Disney World reopening: CEO talks plans


Disney World reopening: CEO talks plans,

Due to coronavirus pandemic, Disney’s executive as taking a pay cut, the organization’s CEO Bob Chapek said in an email to workers on Monday.


                                                 Disney World reopening plans 


The avenues of Disney Springs, close to Orlando, are at present unfilled, yet arrangements are in progress to open the middle, which is loaded up with shops, cafés, and diversion, on May 20.


“We’re not going to comment on any specific timing, but I think it is a good sign that Disney Springs is going to open up in Orlando,” Chapek said.

“You know, we, we stuck our toe in the water if you will, in Shanghai, with Disney Town, and we operated that for about a month and everything went extremely well. Once again, the guests really cooperated our operations people were phenomenal and we held to the standards that we set up. And hopefully, we’ll see that at Disney Springs as well. And this will be the beginning of a great new rebirth of Disney parks,” Chapek said.

“I think that the masks for the guests will be something that culturally is, is different. In Asia, as you know, it’s fairly commonplace, even before COVID for folks to walk around in public with masks on. That is not the case in the U.S.,” Chapek said.

The CEO called the opening in Shanghai a baby step but said he is already encouraged by what he’s seen.

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