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The recent data shows COVID-19 spread across Florida schools


The coronavirus outbreak has made a great effect on the educational sector. The recent data shows the tracking of COVID-19 cases in schools across Florida.

“There’s more than one case in some of the schools and I think it will be interesting to look a little closer about why that is and what some of the trends may be,” said epidemiologist and University of Florida professor Cindy Prins.

“One thing that would be really nice to see is the size of each of these schools,” she said. “One other thing that would be interesting would be to know whether some of these schools that have more than one case, whether those cases are linked to each other.”


The health department released comprehensive data on cases reported across the state from elementary through college. Orange County is already reporting cases through online dashboards.

“We all should do our part to protect our kids, ourselves, our community,” said Dr. Candice W. Jones, a pediatrician. “Flu and COVID-19 have overlapping symptoms, fever, diarrhea, body aches, so it’s very hard to tell them apart,” Jones said. “Everyone from six months of age and up should be getting a flu shot, OK?”


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