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10 Images that Prove people are Corona-Idiots || CoronaVirus meme

10 Images that Prove people are Corona-Idiots || CoronaVirus meme 2


CoronaVirus meme:
Our lives are changing day by day, and it seems like it’s for the best or the worst. What seemed to be “normal work” now is a hard task to follow. Since the corona epidemic, people have become so paranoid that it’s hard to even tell who is ok, or who is idiot.

We asked the internet and fond these stupid things online. Seems like many people have so little knowledge about coronavirus and how it actually spreads. Here take a look:


1) Stupid Mask

We all know masks may play a vital role protecting yourself from coronavirus, but certainly it doesnt work 100%, but telling it to a health care professional?

2) All the beans at walmart is gone except this

Same thing happened to the beer making company called “Corona” Suddenly their Q1 Sales declined over 19%

3) Suddenly the virus can’t move sideways

the guy who painted this has very little to no knowledge that, any kind of transmission can happen. You need at least 4×4 space (social distancing) from everyone.

4) Someone is throwing a roof top party, and police went there uninvited !

Self quarantine means avoiding all kind of social gathering and more. But this time, a celev lad threw a rooftop party, Luckily police is showing up.

5) Just your average redneck typical Walmart Shopper

if this image doesnt tell you what human is, nothing will.



6) So apparently virus cant spread if you wear a diving great

7) if something has  “Corona” in it’s name, doesnt mean it’s the corona virus


8) Company called all the people today to have a meeting about social distancing


9) CoronaVirus Doesnt exist, it’s the 5 G

9) This Woman is the chairman of the congress who overlooks a taskforce of Coronavirus. This is how she wears her mask


10) How NOT to wear your mask


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