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Coronavirus: The Dangerous Florida territories for COVID-19


Although Miami-Dade reports the highest number of deaths from Covid-19, Martin and Manatee are still having a higher number of deaths per 100,000 population as stated in Florida Today Reports, News 6 partner.

Coronavirus: The lethal Florida territories for COVID-19
Coronavirus in Florida

Orange County reports 292 deaths and is ranked at No. 22 among the 67 counties of the state. Brevard County lands in the 23rd position with more than 100 deaths due to coronavirus.

The Polk County in Central Florida reports 227 deaths and is ranked at the top of the list.

Florida Today has acquired this data of total coronavirus deaths in the state from Florida Medical Examiners Commission


The number of statewide coronavirus deaths stated by the Florida Department of Health differs markedly from those of medical examiners. This may be due to the delay in reporting of deaths from one hospital to the other. Further, the district health officers may not have recorded deaths timely.

In some countries, the number of medical examiners and doctors is higher as compared to other countries. Therefore, the death rate may not be recorded accurately in highly populated counties having more cases as compared to the counties having a lesser population and fewer cases.

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Florida Today has tried to make an interactive below. Here you can where your county stands in this pandemic. So, just type the name of your county in the search box to get the details:


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