44-year-old man arrested on possession of child pornography in Lake County jail

44-year-old man arrested on possession of child pornography in Lake County jail 1


The Lake County Sherriff’s Office said a 44-year-old man is accused of uploading videos exploiting a child from his employer’s computer. Records show they received a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that traced back to an insurance company in Eustis.

 Lake County

Steven Richey, 44, admitted to using the KIK app. In the investigation, authorities found an iPad that had usernames and passwords consistent with their cyber tip. According to the reports, investigators say the two files uploaded in the KIK app clearly contained images and videos depicting child pornography.

In the investigation, it was found that, though the files were uploaded from an IP address relating to the insurance company, the user information pointed them to a home in Leesburg. Investigators found Richey’s business cards that listed his name and were branded with the insurance company’s information.


Richey is currently in the Lake County Jail being held without bond. Stay Updated!


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