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Central Florida firefighters head to Louisiana

Central Florida firefighters head to Louisiana 1



Central Florida firefighters head to Louisiana.


Groups from the nation over are en route to Texas and Louisiana, incorporating from here in Central Florida he firemen leaving from Central Florida are from Orlando and Clermont and Orange, Seminole, and Lake counties. They will be in Louisana for around two weeks.

Around 40 firemen will get together and heading to Louisiana to help with Hurricane Laura alleviation. The firemen are a piece of a team comprised of firemen, paramedics, structural engineers, doctors, and K-9’s. They will meet with the Louisiana State Fire Marshal to perceive how they can help during and after Hurricane Laura.

This is the most recent organization for Florida Task Force Four. The gathering has been sent a few times to assist during different tempests.


Truth be told, the team was sent to Houston in 2017 when Hurricane Harvey pummeled into the close by territory. At that point they needed to go to Central Florida to get ready for Irma which hit days after the fact.

“Task Force 4 specializes in structural collapse, swift water rescue, wide-area search and hazardous materials,” officials said.

“Some areas, when they wake up Thursday morning, they’re not going to believe what happened,” said Stacy Stewart, a senior hurricane specialist.


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